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You Can’t Hide Your Love Away from Me (B.G. Baarregaard edit)

January 24

Man, two newsletters aside, we’ve been all quiet on the music front here at YDH2S. I was listening to this killer edit by Iceland’s B.G. Baarregaard (you can tell he RREAALLY loves double letters) and I decided it had been too long. David Joseph’s original was already a boogie monster, but Baarregaard gives it a stuttery new intro for mixing delights and plumps up the rattly percussion until you’ll want to start every party with this tune.

This edit is the tip of the iceberg for B.G. Baarregaard, go check out his Soundcloud for much more. The David Joseph edit is a free download, as are many others. I particularly recommend his original “Feels Like,” which has one of the funkiest basslines I’ve heard in a minute.

/// Brian Blackout

Legowelt – “And The Beat Goes On”

October 23

Dutch producer Danny Wolfers, aka Legowelt, just uploaded this track to his Soundcloud, a curious but charming interpretation of The Whsipers’ 1980 boogie hit “And the Beat Goes On.” Incorporating the glorious muted tonality of budget synths captured on normal-bias cassette tape, it preserves the basic structure of the song, minus of the vocals (aside from Legowelt’s timid recitation of “and the beat goes on” peeking out occasionally from under his thick blanket of sound. Call it chillwave, call it abstract funk, I definitely call it compelling, coming from a man who proclaims on his very-retro website that he’s been “running deep in a silent corner of the internet since 1998.”

You can grab this track for free from Legowelt’s Soundcloud page.

– Spoolwork

“Heaven of My Life” (Tony Johns & Dynamicron edit) – Change

October 11

“Heaven of My Life” (Tony Johns & Dynamicron edit) – Change

It’s my almost my anniversary with my boo so I’m a little more predisposed to songs about apples of one’s eye, angels of one’s heart, loves that one needs and, most importantly, heavens of one’s life. I’ve previously espoused of my love of Tony Johns‘ disco edits, a couple months ago I posted an edit he did of Cybotron’s Clear that was particularly awesome. Recently he teamed up with Spain’s purveyor of killer rock edits, Dynamicron, for this tasty tasty edit of Change’s italo boogie joyride “Heaven of My Life.” I’ve heard quite a few Change edits in my day but never this particular selection. In its original form the track is a great late night driving music that you can kinda boogie to, but the duo has added a goldilocks amount of oomph, bringing it up to the caliber of a lovely floor filler. Go find many more goodies on Tony Johns‘ and Dynamicron‘s respective pages on Soundcloud, they believe in free love or at least plenty of free downloads, so god bless ’em.

/// Brian Blackout

Bobby Caldwell – You Belong To Me (Jolly Mare Twisted Edit)

August 31

I haven’t posted a good edit in a hot minute, and this one is fantastic. I’m not that familiar with the editor in question, Jolly Mare, but whoever it is, they call Italy home. This mix is a hot and heavy boogie groover, full of a lot of loops, and it’s gratuitous in laying on the killer vocals from Bobby Caldwell’s original thick. Spectacular results. Grab a free download too.

/// Brian Blackout

April 20

Kashif may not be a household name, but to boogie and 80s R&B heads he’s enshrined in the hallowed halls. He’s perhaps best known for his work on Whitney Houston’s “Thinking About You,” Evelyn Champagne King’s “I’m in Love,” and “Love Come Down,” and a handful of his own tracks and his work with Howard Johnson (no, not that Howard Johnson). Lately, reworking and sampling Kashif’s work has become very popular, producing a minor hit for Janet Jackson in ‘04, a ubiquitously amazing dancefloor filler by Mark E., and countless excellent selections by the likes of Moon Boots, Bicep and Rayko.

Kashif’s minimal synth bass work is well suited for modern nu disco, getting looped endlessly in a style similar to slowed down French house, or its Chicago forbears. Finland’s Curtis Vodka follows this principle closely in his re-edit of Howard Johnson’s “So Fine.” Slippery bass grooves chug back and forth as they filter slowly into existence, bringing rise to some choppy guitar and eventually Johnson’s smooth vox. Grab the DL from Curtis Vodka’s soundcloud, this track will serve you well to start up a dancefloor, or soundtrack your cruising into the sunset on your town’s strip.

/// Brian Blackout

March 29

As the weather gets increasingly springy, I dig deep into my Winter music finds and try to find those tracks that had too much of a warm weather feel to be played when I got ‘em. It’s like Spring cleaning. This track is exactly the reason why I go to all this trouble.

Slow It Down, straight outta Glasgow, released this jam to the world last Fall, but as all of our little green pals start unfurling and popping out of the ground, it’s only now that this cut feels right. Similar to Tiger & Woods, Slow It Down specialize in loopy, proto-house edits of 80s R&B and boogie tracks.

Coming at us from the era when Michael, Whitney, and the Jets ruled the airwaves, and possessing that same happy glow that Janet Jackson’s “Escapade” has, Narada Michael Walden’s “Divine Emotions” melds that irrepressible feel good vibe to a throwback boogie bassline. Slow It Down works the grooves of the extended cut for a while before letting a few happy chords to work their way in and finally lets loose with the song’s chorus about midway in. Grab the free download, follow Slow It Down on Soundcloud and pick up the original, within minutes, everyone you know will be telling you to wipe that stupid grin off your face.

/// Brian Blackout