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June 28

Baby Come on (the Noodleman rework) – Sex o’Clock USA

The Noodleman has been churning out chugging, dubby takes on disco for some time now, and as a new 12” of his re-edits gets unleashed to vinyl, I thought it a good time to introduce y’all to my favorite edit of his, and one of my favorite tricks to get a dancefloor good and hot. It’s a slippery, dubby take on Mort Shuman’s “Baby Come on,” from the French “documentary” Sex o’Clock USA. Strings careen seductively, the drums pulse a slow yet pounding swagger, all while singers implore you to “…give it your lovin’ daddy.” Daddy likes.

And that’s just a taste, after you grab the download from his Soundcloud, rush to pick up Mr. Noodleman’s new 12” EP, Dub Sauce, and you’ll find the same smoking hot grooves, perfect for Summer listening. Lots of early buzz about groover “Sloppy Angel,” but I’m partial to his take on PM Dawn’s “I’d Die Without You,” straight off the Boomerang soundtrack, complete with an Enya-riffic breakdown and chock full of that early 90’s piano noodling you’ll know and love.

/// Brian Blackout