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Head On: Motown Vs. Studio 54 Spotify Mix

January 29

This Friday at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn, the Head On DJs will be celebrating their 2nd anniversary, and to commemorate they’re revisiting one of their most popular themes- Motown Vs. Studio 54. To whet your appetites, DJs Lepaux and Spoolwork put together a little Spotify sampler mix to give you a taste of what’s in store on Friday night.

Check out the mix below, and be sure to help Head On celebrate two years of great parties by coming out to Baby’s All Right this Friday. You can RSVP and get more info here.

Head On’s 2nd Anniversary: Motown Vs. Studio 54 Rematch
w/residents Brian Blackout, Spoolwork & Lepaux
Friday January 30th @ Baby’s All Right
146 Broadway, Williamsburg, Bk
J/M to Marcy, L/G to Metropolitan
11:55pm – late
no cover. That’s free!

YDH2S Newsletter Sept 20

September 20
You Don't Have to Settle

We took a little break after a busy summer but the YDH2S newsletter is back and there’s lots to tell you about….

(This newsletter will be published as a fancy email as well as on our Tumblr. The Tumblr will be updated as things progress, so it’s always the most current. You can subscribe to the newsletter, follow us on Twitter, and follow us on Tumblr or read this newsletter on Tumblr, eschewing the mere idea of subscriptions. Faugh!).


Sat 9/20 – Here Comes Your Gloomy (Feeling Gloomy’s Pixies tribute) @ Grand Victory
Sat 9/20 – CRAZY $INCE DA 90$ @ Union Hall
Sun 9/21 – Tiki Disco Season Ender @ the Well
Sun 9/21 – Mr. Sunday @ Industry City
Thurs 9/25 – Fixed presents Lindstrøm w/House of House, JDH & Dave P
Sat 9/27 – Brooklyn Flea Record Fair
Sun 9/28 – Mr. Sunday @ Industry City

Sat 10/4 – Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog SING-ALONG and Joss Whedon-Themed Party @ Union Hall
Fri & Sat 10/10-11 – Escape Music Festival w/Girl Talk, Neon Indian, Plastic Plates, Moon Boots, Tesla Boy, Anoraak, JDH & Dave P, more @ Pier 9
Thurs 10/16 – The Brokelyn High Homecoming Dance: Brokelyn’s 5th year anniversary! @ the Bell House
Sat 10/18 – Feeling Gloomy NYC’s 5th Anniversary @ the Grand Victory

Feeling Gloomy

HERE COMES YOUR GLOOMY (Feeling Gloomy pays homage to the Pixies)

Want to feel old? Pixies’ Doolittle came out 25 years ago. Holy crap. If ever there was a band that helped us get through high school, being weird, putting up with Tyler Durden being a dick, and comprehending why bands ever reunite, it’s the Pixies. (Sorry, it’s hard sometimes to drop the “the.”) So for this month’s Feeling Gloomy we thought we’d pay tribute to one of the best pre-indie rock bands.

  •    + DJs Gordon and Nathaniel Gloom will play play armloads of songs by Frank Black, Kim Deal, Joey and David, both together and apart. Plus we’ll delve into our late 80s / early 90s college rock collections and play some of the gloomiest songs from their contemporaries like the Cure, R.E.M., Love and Rockets, the La’s, etc.
  •    + Got a Death to the Pixies T-shirt (or the like)? Wear it and we’ll let you in for $4
  •    + A Pixies-themed cake!

Here Comes Your Gloomy
(Feeling Gloomy pays homage to the Pixies)
w/DJs Gordon & Nathaniel Gloom
Saturday, September 20 @ the Grand Victory
+ 3rd Saturdays every month
Dress to depress
245 Grand St, Williamsburg
L/G to Metropolitan
$4 advance / $6 at the door / $4 if you’re wearing a Pixies shirt
Facebook event
Feeling Gloomy NYC FB Group
The Brothers Gloom on Twitter

Crazy Since da 90s

Crazy $ince da 90$

We’re getting crazy again on Saturday night at UNION HALL! Cause uh, DUH, the 90s was only like the raddest decade ever!

We’ll be throwin down all your favorite 90s joints to get you all nostalgic for those awesome times. All the good stuff and maybe some bad stuff. It’s gonna be da bomb and all that. No diggity. No doubt.




FREE before 11pm for the first 100 RSVPs
$5 after 11pm or w/o RSVP

**$7 gin & juice drink special all night**

Crazy Since da 90s
w/DJs Stefonix, Brendan, Bianca & Vinyl Richie
Saturday, September 20 @ Union Hall
702 Union St, Park Slope, Brooklyn
R to Union / Everything to Atlantic Terminal

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog Sing-Along

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog SING-ALONG and Joss Whedon-Themed Party

This show is so popular we already sold out! But don’t fear, we added a 2nd show at midnight:

Your application to the Evil League of Evil has been received and you (and your henchpeople) are invited to Union Hall for our Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog Sing-Along and Whedonverse Party to sing along to the musical based on our newest member, Dr. Horrible! We’ll be showing Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog in its entirety with all the lyrics on screen so everyone can sing along together to their favorite songs. Come in costume as your super villain (or hero) alter ego or as your favorite character from the Whedonverse! Throughout the event we’ll have contests, prizes and surprises to make the night even more horrible…we mean, memorable.


  • Dr. Horrible and Whedon-themed contests and trivia with cool (and evil) prizes like memorabilia from across the Whedonverse, Evil League of Evil membership cards, free drinks and gift cards for frozen yogurt!
  • Drinking games paired with the movie so you can sing-along AND drink-along!
  • Audition for the Evil League of Evil! Impress Bad Horse with your original super villain costume!
  • Show your love of the Whedonverse and dress up as a character from one of his TV shows or movies like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, Angel, Dr. Horrible, Dollhouse, or The Avengers…if Whedon is in the credits it’s fair game!
  • Our bartender has a Ph.D. in Horribleness…and awesome cocktails! We’ve got themed drinks like the Wonderflonium, Moist’s Lemonade, the Freeze Ray, and more!
  • Soundtrack and jams provided by our Henchman Union-certified DJ, DJ BRIAN BLACKOUT!

Presented by New York Comic Con’s New York Super Week and Secret Formula

New York Super Week – a first of its kind pop culture festival. With different pop culture themed experiences happening in every corner of the City – including concerts, comedy shows, gaming events, lectures, podcasts, storytelling, food tastings and more – New York Super Week brings the entire universe of popular culture to every corner of all five boroughs of New York City.

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog SING-ALONG and Joss Whedon-Themed Party
Saturday, October 4 @ Union Hall
702 Union St, Park Slope, Brooklyn
R to Union / Everything to Atlantic Terminal
FB Event

For more info, visit:

Brokelyn High Homecoming Dance

Brokelyn High Homecoming Dance
Celebrating 5 Years of Brokelyn

Brokelyn is turning 5 and we’re taking you back to high school to celebrate!

Join us and principal Scott Rogowsky (of Running Late) at the Bell House for a night of dancing, awkward school photos, games, comedy, music, and a sweet raffle featuring hundreds of dollars in prizes from around Brooklyn, including A BRAND NEW BIKE FROM Ride Brooklyn!! Also featuring special guest homecoming committee member Danny Tamberelli (of Manboobs Comedy and Little Pete from Nickelodeon’s “The Adventures of Pete and Pete!”)

Homecoming activities include:

  • Shaking your body to classic school dance tunes with DJ Brian Blackout
  • A Brooklyn words spelling bee (with prizes!)
  • The Hot for Teacher dance off (also with prizes!)
  • Crowning the gender-neutral Brokecoming king and queen (with crowns!)
  • Free awkward high school pictures photobooth

And even though it’s our birthday, we want to give YOU presents, so the Best of Brooklyn raffle will include:

  • $100 towards a tattoo at NYHC Tattoos
  • 4 passes to TrivWorks‘ next Pat Kiernan-hosted event
  • $100 to spend at Film Biz Recycling (and an absurd naked man statue from them too)
  • A new helmet and a tune up from Bicycle Roots
  • Dinner for 2 at Water Table
  • And did we mention: a BRAND NEW BIKE?!?

And much more yet to come!

Brokelyn High Homecoming Dance
Celebrating 5 Years of Brokelyn

Thursday, October 16 @ the Bell House
149 7th St, Gowanus, Bk
F/G/R to 4th-9th
$12 cover – 8pm til late

[All proceeds from the party go to the Brokelyn Writers’ fund and to help keep Brokelyn going for another 5 years and beyond]

More info

YDH2S Newsletter June 13

June 13
You Don't Have to Settle

It’s time for another edition of the YDH2S newsletter, where we give you the scoop on a ton of dance parties that we put on ourselves or think you’ll want to hit up.

We’re going to be expanding this newsletter in the coming weeks, so expect more parties and probably more frequent newsletters too. As such there’s a ton going on in June so continue on for the parties.

(This newsletter will be published as a fancy email as well as on our Tumblr. The Tumblr will be updated as things progress, so it’s always the most current. You can subscribe to the newsletter, follow us on Twitter, and follow us on Tumblr or read this newsletter on Tumblr, eschewing the mere idea of subscriptions. Faugh!).


Fri 6/13 – The Rebirth of Happy House @ Tandem
Sat 6/14 – Crazy Since da 90s 3rd Anniversary @ Union Hall
Sat 6/14 – Sharegroove 10th Anniversary @ Starvue Loft
Sat 6/21 – Feeling Gloomy gets Morrissey FOMO @ Grand Victory
Fri 6/27 – HEAD ON: Prince vs. Bowie @ Littlefield
Sun 6/29 – You Don’t Have to Settle‘s weekly daytime disco @ Quarter Bar

The Future
Fri 7/4 – Brian Blackout & pals spinning outdoors @ Diamond Bar
Sat 7/19 – The Gorgeous Ladies of Gloom @ Grand Victory

Every Thursday – Air a Danser

Feeling Gloomy

The Rebirth of HAPPY HOUSE

Four years ago, we created something pretty awesome in south Brooklyn. From The Bell House and Union Hall to Le Poisson Rouge and whatever gypsy bars would let us play music, we were fortunate enough to groove with so many of you. It’s almost been a year since we last played, but we’re anxious to dance with you again.

In short: come dressed to sweat and let your freak flag fly. We’ll make sure that no matter what you’re into, we’ll have something for that disco booty of yours. (Unless that “something” is dubstep. We digress.)

with musical ambassadors Mister Disco & Brian Blackout
Friday, June 13 @ Tandem
236 Troutman St, Bushwick, Brooklyn
L train to Jefferson
10:30pm – 4am
No cover!
Facebook event

Crazy Since da 90s

CRAZY SINCE DA 90s 3rd Anniversary

We’re gonna adjust the bass and let the alpine blast on Saturday night at UNION HALL! Cause it’s our 3 year anniversary and cause it’s finally SUMMER SUMMER SUMMERTIME! You can’t deny that the 90s was only like the raddest decade ever so we’re gonna keep it fresher than fresh for you tonight.

We’ll be throwin down all your favorite 90s joints to get you all nostalgic for those awesome times. All the good stuff and maybe some bad stuff. It’s gonna be da bomb and all that. No diggity. No doubt.




FREE before 11pm for the first 100 RSVPs
$5 w/o RSVP or after 11pm

**$7 Gin & Juice drink special all night**

Crazy Since da 90s 3rd Anniversary
w/DJs Stefonix, Brendan, Bianca & Raichous
Saturday, June 14 @ Union Hall
702 Union St, Park Slope, Brooklyn
R to Union / Everything to Atlantic Terminal

Feeling Gloomy

SHAREGROOVE 10th Anniversary

Celebrate 10yrs of Sharegroove with DJ’s Duckcomb & ShakeWell bringing it on the Klipsh sound system !

Special opening/warm up set from:
BiLla (A/V Club, Dulcet Collective/ Philly)

Only $5 b4 midnight // $10 after

BYO – cups & ice available

for the address, email:

Space is somewhat limited, we encourage arriving earlier than later.
No reentry after 4am.

The space is located in Bushwick – steps to L-Jefferson stop

Saturday June 14th
@Starvue Loft
L to Jefferson
Only $5 b4 midnight // $10 after
Facebook Event

Feeling Gloomy


We all heard the news, Morrissey cancelled his whole dang tour. Of course he did. We had been planning on spending the evening reveling in the misery of missing the show, but now we can ALL do that, even those of us who had the cheddar to afford those ticket prices.

As such, if you can show the door person your Morrissey ticket, we’ll let you in for half off! Fate giveth, and fate taketh away…


Well, we’re doing a Feeling Gloomy the exact same night that Morrissey plays the Barclays Center. Some of us have seen him live, some haven’t, but none of us wanted to pay the mega-high cover charge to see him in the equivalent of a giant arena, so… we didn’t get tickets. And now we have FOMO.

WTF is FOMO you ask? For those not into internet abbreviating lingo it means Fear Of Missing Out. Like, we didn’t get tickets, but we’re also very concerned we’ve missed a life-changingly gloomy experience. So we have one course of action:


  •    + a Morrissey Soul(less) Train (exactly what it sounds like)
  •    + a bad poetry contest & recital
  •    + Morrissey-themed baked goods
  •    + Morrissey/Smiths concert footage projected onto your writhing, dancing, oscillating wildly bodies
  •    + Your favorite depressed DJs Gordon and Nathaniel Gloom playing a lorry full of Morrissey & Smiths songs, plus all your favorite anglophilic, gloomy faves

Feeling Gloomy Gets Morrissey FOMO
w/DJs Gordon & Nathaniel Gloom
Saturday, June 21 @ the Grand Victory
245 Grand St, Williamsburg
L/G to Metropolitan
$4 advance / $6 at the door
Facebook event
Feeling Gloomy NYC FB Group
The Brothers Gloom on Twitter

Air a Danser


Air a Danser –
Every Thursday

Laid back music selections by :
Matt Brownell & Steve ShakeWell

Air a Danser is:
An “All Filler, No Killer” get together, featuring the sounds of :
– relieving the turnstile stress, smooth operating, hot sax, tranquillo, and other urban beach bar vibes
Battery Harris

Happy Hr Specials til 7pm
– $ 3 select drafts
– $ 4 well
– $ 10 burger & beer
**Frozen Balearic Breezes
…our own signature rum drink, a take on Steve’s bay breeze
a tasty Caribbean themed menu

YDH2S Newsletter – Jan. 10

January 10
You Don't Have to Settle

We’re only a couple weeks in but 2014 is starting to get rumbling. YDH2S had a stellar 2013 capped off with an amazing December and we’re looking forward to an even bigger 2014. Last year we started our Head On party which is about to celebrate its 1st anniversary, and we’ve got many other good things going on besides.

We began this newsletter last month largely to let folks know what we were up to, but also to let you know what our friends were up to, and what dance parties you should check out in general. We’re going to keep expanding the list of what’s going on to include more events, but we’ll be doing it slowly and in a curated fashion, so keep an eye out.

One more thing! This newsletter will be published as a fancy email as well as on our Tumblr. The Tumblr will be updated as things progress, so it’s always the most current. You can subscribe to the newsletter, follow us on Twitter, and follow us on Tumblr (or just read about it there, eschewing the mere idea of subscriptions. Faugh!).


Fri. 1/10 – Head On Anniversary: Britpop vs Indie Rock REMATCH @ the Bell House
Sat. 1/18 – Feeling Gloomy presents Cheer Up, Bowie @ the Grand Victory
Fri. 1/24 – Release the Beast @ Grand Victory

Fri. 2/7 – Release the Beast @ Grand Victory
Fri. 2/14 – Head On: Love vs Lust @ the Bell House
Sat. 2/15 – Feeling Gloomy presents The Rebound Ball

Head On: Britpop vs Indie Rock


One year ago this January, DJs Brian Blackout, Spoolwork and Lepaux created Head On, a dance party where every month we pick two themes and pit them against one another and the dancefloor crowns the winner. In the last 12 months we’ve had some crazy packed fun parties and every minute has been a blast. We’ve done bands, countries, genres, robots, jocks, dads you name it, and we’ve had a lot of fun picking out themes. For our 1st anniversary we decided to let our fans pick one of the themes we did this year for a rematch, and you chose Britpop vs Indie Rock.

Fitting, considering that it was our first theme and still one of our favorites. Last year, Britpop reigned supreme, but will the same thing happen again? Spoolwork will take up the challenge and try to rally indie rock, while we’re bringing in two special guest DJs, Gordon & Nathaniel Gloom of the Feeling Gloomy party. We figured britpop demanded the experts. Spoolwork will take them both on. So come and see if britpop can stand the test of time or if indie rock can rally from behind. Either way, we’re gonna have a killer time figuring it out.

Head On
w/guest DJs Gordon & Nathaniel Gloom
+ residents Spoolwork & Brian Blackout
Saturday Dec. 7 @ the Bell House front room
149 Seventh Street, Gowanus, Bk
F/G/R to 4th-9th
10:00 p.m. – late
no cover
Facebook event
Head On FB page

Head On Twitter

Cheer Up Bowie!


Lately, David Bowie just hasn’t seemed like that same old Bowie. On his new record, he felt so lonely he could die, he lost love, he talks a lot about Berlin (Germany! Depressing!) and thinks a lot about doing stuff like setting the world on fire, or how he’d rather be high. Jesus, Bowie, you’re bringing us all down. We think we should celebrate his birthday and try to make him feel better.

Imagine, Bowie hurries over to Feeling Gloomy, a little later than his usual impeccable timing, cracks open the door to the Grand Victory, pays his $6 cover charge and hustles over to buy a Narragansett from Sean. He begins to suspect something when he notices everyone has had their faces painted like Ziggy Stardust at our Bowie face painting station (to station). Then he realizes that everyone over by the DJ booth is whirling around to all of their favorite songs of his. Hardly anyone ever plays “The Secret Life of Arabia” at dance parties, thinks Bowie! Imagine the look on Bowie’s face! His heart would swell three sizes, and clearly he’d run out on the dancefloor to find his mates and give them a big hug.

So that’s exactly how the night is going to play out. We’re pretty sure. In any event it’ll be a lot of good fun.

+ Bowie-themed cake!
+ Bowie face-painting
+ Bowie might shake your hand and give your bum a nice squeeze (if he shows up)
+ Labyrinth-style codpieces *highly* encouraged

All that AND DJs Gordon and Nathaniel Gloom spinning your favorite trainspottery (and not so trainspottery) David Bowie songs + all your gloomy, anglophilic faves

Feeling Gloomy presents
Cheer Up, Bowie
w/DJs Gordon & Nathaniel Gloom
Saturday, Jan. 18 @ the Grand Victory
245 Grand St, Williamsburg
L/G to Metropolitan
$4 advance / $6 at the door
Facebook event
Feeling Gloomy NYC FB Group
The Brothers Gloom on Twitter

Release the Beast


After last month’s debut of Release the Beast at a new venue, YDH2S DJs Brian Blackout and Mister Brown are excited to bring the party back to the Grand Victory, where it will be a monthly on first Fridays, starting in February. In the meantime they’re throwing one more irregular Release the Beast at the end of January. The music will range the gamut of 60’s & 70’s non-synthy genres, touching on soul, funk, disco, arena rock, psychedelia, krautrock, garage and a little of everything in between.

Release the Beast
Friday Jan. 24 @ the Grand Victory
& 1st Fridays thereafter
245 Grand St, Williamsburg
L/G to Metropolitan

April 24

You Don’t Have To Settle’s Dope Werewolf just hurled his latest mix into the world and it took my ears on one hell of a joyride. The title, How To Wreck a Nice Beat, points to Dave Tompkin’s recent book How To Wreck a Nice Beach on the history of the vocoder, and, much like that machine, which shatters human speech into tiny electronic shards and reconstitutes it for maximum robotic effect, this mix digests dance music from the ‘60s forward- witness The Trashmen’s bird-surfing “Papa-ooh-mow-mow”s getting spun into the Human Beatbox’s punctuated dry heaves and Penguin Prison’s nu-disco stomp to dizzying effect- and spits out a swirl of far-flung reference points that always manages to somehow stay cohesive. Absorbing globe-stepping sounds from Senegal (Ndiogou Seck) and Brazil (Tom Zé), as well as rolling German electro-fathers Kraftwerk and their Bronx funk son Afrika Baambaataa into a tightly rolled ball of synthetic sheen and analog pulse right in the middle of the mix, this set showcases Dope Werewolf’s skills not just as well-honed DJ, but as a full-on dance floor ethnomusicologist. Break out your pens and notebooks, kids, class is definitely in session.

Dope Werewolf will be DJing along with the rest of the YDH2S crew at Ugly Rhino’s Cinco De Mayo blowout on Saturday May 5th at the Magic Futurebox in Brooklyn. Full details are here.

– Spoolwork

April 17

Last week, Mister Disco pinged me from his Verizon Wireless 4GLTE smartphone, bummed that he’d just heard one of our favorite tracks from last year, the Moullinex remix of “Cairo” by Kamp!, underneath a Guess jeans ad. Sure, it fit the vibe of lithe bodies posturing in streamlined denim, but we both felt we’d lost a little something. Maybe it was our inner-teenagers still clinging to the ragged notion that we’re defined more by the music we like than the products we own, or maybe we just knew if we ever dropped the tune in a DJ set again, someone would inevitably come up and ask if it was that song from the Guess commercial.  Of course, this isn’t anything to get pouty about, it’s just how musicians pay the rent these days, and if someone offered me cash to tie my name to the Macbook Pro I flipped open to type this piece, I’d discreetly wipe the drool from my chin and immediately sign on the dotted line.

Anyway, I came across a great song by up-and-coming Brooklyn band Xylos this week. Their new single “Summerlong” is sweet slice of electropop, tinged with a bit of melancholy on top, seeming to opine for a time that’s past (“We could make it like we did all summerlong”), and probably won’t be coming back. There’s not much on their website or Facebook page in the way of background or bio info, though contact emails are provided for their legal representation at Carroll, Guido & Groffman, LLP, as well as syncing and licensing via Universal Music Publishing Group, which makes me think we’ll be hearing this song in an ad for AmEx or Vitaminwater soon enough. And that’s fine by me. The band gets paid, and I get to hit the sidewalks this summer in my Puma TT Supers, cranking the Koss KSC75s every time this jam shuffles up on my iPhone 3GS (gotta upgrade soon), waiting for that chant-a-long chorus of outstretched “Whoa-ohs” to grab me by the ears and carry me off smiling and shining, claiming the syncing rights to “Summerlong” as the soundtrack to my own blissed-out afternoon.

– Spoolwork

March 19

If our dude Spoolwork were to have his way, it’d be summer right this second. Although his latest minimix is labeled “spring”, there’s nothing spring about it – this song sounds like 17-year-olds cruising around in a teal drop-top 1986 Chrysler Le Baron. Don’t front. We’ve all been there.

By far, the highlight of his mix is his dip from “All Through The Night” (the best jam cut off the new Escort album, just as we were all getting a little bit sick of “Cocaine Blues”) into a great little remix of “Reckless With Your Love” by Aston Shuffle.

And if you twin those titles together? All through the night (I’m) reckless with your love? Well, that sounds like most Saturday nights for me.

Spoolwork will be bringing the French House down this Friday at The Bell House for Happy House.

– Mister Disco

February 29

Two years ago I moved out of Williamsburg, quit the Greenpoint YMCA, and decided to go whole hog and become a real gym rat. I joined Crunch. They have unlimited towels. Sometimes they’re warm.

The best thing about joining a real gym is spin class. The best thing about spin class is the music. The best thing about the music is that it’s personally curated by emphatic, fabulous instructors who were clearly candy ravers (substitute culturally relevant term) in their younger years.  Spin class is part motivational speaking, part beat matching, and also—as one classmate said—”…it’s like going to church.” I’d like to add here that it’s a very gay church. E.g., one instructor encouraged us by yelling “WORK!” and then spelled it out, to the beat, “W…E…R…Q”.

My favorite instructor Nathalie likes to use tracks with polyrhythms so that everyone can find their own pace. As you might imagine, there is a lot of late 80s faux-horn vocal house and afrobeat. Somewhere in between these two is Art Jones’ Umhlaba featuring SHANA. Not freestyle Shana. Simply Hot and Naturally African SHANA.

Nathalie introduced this South African dance track by having us envision a hill that we were climbing. Days later, on solid ground, it’s still giving me that kind of lift. And you?