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No Tears January

No Tears – Our Friends Electric

January 29

“It’s cold outside
And the paint’s peeling off of my walls
There’s a man outside
In a long coat, gray hat, smoking a cigarette…”

Stop watching the paint peel off your walls!  Come in from the cold!  You too, man in the long coat (at least you’re dressed weather appropriate).  Come join your Friends Electric, Ed and Brett as they play your cold wave, new wave and dark disco favorites —At Friends and Lovers in Crown Heights.  It’s Free!!

February 24

The Eyes in the Heat popped up on my radar the other day with the video for their new single ‘Amateur’.  I know nothing about them apart from this song and a few teaser snippets on the Juno pre-order page for their as-yet-unreleased EP.  Amateur is a sparse and spooky track that begins with guitar string plinking followed by a simple yet insistant bassline.  Bernard Sumner once said that Joy Division was enamored with Kraftwerk, attempting to replicate their robotic, dehumanized sound without the aid of synthesizers or drum machines.  The Eyes in Heat pulls this trick off successfully with a hypnotic rhythm and haunting echo drenched vocals.  They are dark, spare and beautiful.  They are a minimal cold wave concoction of post- disco discordant guitar sprinkled with casio beat blip toms.  If I were 16-years-old I would want to be this band.  I would buy the album, the t-shirt and have the singer’s haircut.  I may do this any way.

-Dope Werewolf