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Topless Vinyl Pick of the Week – Joe “Thinkin’ about”

July 16
The beginning of June saw a slew of excellent releases, but the killer standout is Joe’s debut on Four Tet’s Text imprint. We finally got our copy in the mail last week and all we can say is WOWOWOW.
We first heard it, of course in the most fun Boiler Room set by Four Tet June 1 and then scrubbed the internet to find a copy. Instantly sold out at Phonica and then even after it was back in stock, sold out again in mere hours. This is when Discogs becomes your best friend, as long as you have patience to wait through the German postal strike to get your lovely vinyls.
The imaginative edit of Bobby McFerrin’s “Thinking’ About your Body” features suck a lush bass underneath that despite the slowish BMP can fit snugly in the middle of nice disco or classic house set. But her really makes you wait for it! We see it fitting into our set as a wonderful bridge from downtempo starters to slower disco on to house. Or it could even make a nice interlude in a hard set to give you time to just groove.
It’s a limited edition white label, so if you can grab a copy. It is so well worth it.

YDH2S Podcast Launches with premiere episode – Lepaux

June 27

Check out the first episode of our podcast featuring Lepaux! In this episode, he talks about how he got into DJing and shares some tracks that have influenced his sound.

Follow YDH2S Podcast on SoundCloud for a new episode every few weeks. We’ll feature mixes and interviews from YDH2S DJs and other special guests!  Email keith [at] for info on being recorded for a future episode.

Mr. Vacation with Special Guest Brett Burton

February 7

Mr. Vacation is back and this time he’s got a new DJ partner — Brett Burton. Two DJs with very different methods will have to work together if they’re gonna see this thing through. Their reputations on the line, a friendship on the edge and a dance floor caught in the middle, it’s an explosive cocktail. This action packed, all-vinyl thrill ride will delight fans of Funk, Disco, Garage, Soul and more!  ★★★★

Head On: Motown Vs. Studio 54 Spotify Mix

January 29

This Friday at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn, the Head On DJs will be celebrating their 2nd anniversary, and to commemorate they’re revisiting one of their most popular themes- Motown Vs. Studio 54. To whet your appetites, DJs Lepaux and Spoolwork put together a little Spotify sampler mix to give you a taste of what’s in store on Friday night.

Check out the mix below, and be sure to help Head On celebrate two years of great parties by coming out to Baby’s All Right this Friday. You can RSVP and get more info here.

Head On’s 2nd Anniversary: Motown Vs. Studio 54 Rematch
w/residents Brian Blackout, Spoolwork & Lepaux
Friday January 30th @ Baby’s All Right
146 Broadway, Williamsburg, Bk
J/M to Marcy, L/G to Metropolitan
11:55pm – late
no cover. That’s free!

Topless Vinyl Only Release of the Week – Soul Clap and Kerri Chandler

January 16

You would think that in the middle of January, there would be a drop off in quality vinyl only releases, but it looks to me like every one wants the summer to start in February. I know my friends back in Brooklyn sure do! This week we saw a flurry of amazing releases and essential re-issues on good quality vinyl! It was super hard to pic so you get two for one this week!

For starters, Soul Clap presents Vinyl Only Summer Jamz with Juice Belushi and Michael the Lion. Man, this one is a going to be popping all over. The A side is silky and starts with a synth that sounds just like ¨Stand Back¨ with a strong bass line. Vocals come in from Nephroki and it sounds like it is going to flow on mellow, but then the breaks in with the happy disco guitar. Ohs and ahs bring the song up and over the edge. The B side is Micheal the Lion with a funky congo driven disco anthem that sounds like it just walked out the bathroom of studio 54 but with modern touches like the isolated vocal break just before breaking into full on disco madness. Vocals from Amy Douglas make this a killer. Summer is here! In the middle of January!

Second pic this week is the essential re-issue of the Atmosphere EP on good quality vinly from the one and only house legend Kerri Chandler. Originally released in 1993, this record does not sound over 10 years old. It holds up mightily and still drives the dance floor. This re-issue is great to fill out a set and move the pace up into the night. If you love deep house, this is for you. Here is my favorite track from this EP.

Let’s Go Further Mixtape

January 9

I thought I’d kick off the 2015 with a new mixtape. This one’s more laid back than my usual selections. I went a little ADHD on some weird disco, electro oddities and a bit of early house. It’s probably more of a repeat listen type thing, so if you don’t get it on the first try, it’s your fault. All kidding aside though, if you don’t record this on cassette immediately and pop it in the tape deck of your car, you’re doing something wrong.  This is the soundtrack for your winter drive to the outlet mall to buy some post holiday marked down Pumas.

Disco Edits Vinyl Only DJ Steef Edits vol 6

Topless´s Vinyl Pic of the Week – DJ Steef Edits Vol.6

January 9

I promise that this column will not just be disco edits vinyl only releases of edits, but this set of balearic inspired disco edits is making my January just that much warmer in anticipation of the summer. Want a dreamy blast of warm sea air to carry you through? Then this cosmic dream machine should do the trick.

French Fred Berthet aka Copyshop based out of Marseille France has been making collections of edits since 2012 as DJ Steef. And all of them are great. In this latest volume 6, track 1 is beat thumping dance floor igniter with a totally italio influenced synth line and entrancing vocal. Track 2 is total off the Baleares with panning waves of synths rising and falling, Topping off with a sexy soulful vocal, side 1 is AMAZING.

Side 2 winds back up with some tropicalia and a baseline that is unshakeably fun with an intimate whispered vocal that would be so corny if it weren’t so perfectly nestled in the track. Leading out is more synth goodness that makes you wish you were in a hammock chilling out with an umbrella in your drink.

I highly recommend this for the summer to come or better yet now, so you pretend it’s summer in January.

I could´t find the tracks online so here is a recent DJ Steef edit that is the bomb and the Juno link to hear the previews of these tracks!

EDIT: As of 6 hours ago they are up now on Soundcloud for your listening pleasure!

Running Back – the Dead Rose Music Company

February 25

Running Back – the Dead Rose Music Company

Holy shit is this new track from the Dead Rose Music Company a monster. The thing I love about this one is that is the way it builds and grows. At the outset it’s a little more on the restful side of the energy meter, but without going the route of cheesy drops it quickly starts a nice pattern of building up and releasing, until the track just explodes into taut guitars and disco strings around 2:40 in. In general DRMC threads the needle nicely between sounding new and sounding unique. There’s enough slicing and dicing to feel akin to early Chicago house or something off of Crydamoure, but despite a few tropical flourishes it deftly dodges the same-ness that a lot of recent house has been feeling, in my humble.

“Running Back” leads off the new compilation Midnight Riot 6, which is a Juno Download exclusive and hit #1 there this week on their disco charts, so go buy it and add to the momentum. I want to hear this tune on every dancefloor this Summer. If you’re not familiar with DRMC’s work, check out their fantastic reworking of Gladys Knight & the Pips’ “Taste of Bitter Love,” and go follow them on Soundcloud and Twitter.

/// Brian Blackout

Little Scotty – Shout at the Disco (Chewy Rub)

January 10

Little Scotty – Shout at the Disco (Chewy Rub)

This tune has been burning up my car stereo, head phones, computer speakers and you name it the last couple months. I’m not sure exactly what it is. It could be the raw, rubbery swamp groove this song brings. It could be Little Scotty’s constantly insisting that we need to put on our prettiest dresses and clothes and shout and party at the disco. It could be the inordinate amount of time I spent South of the Mason-Dixon line over the last 2 months. Either way, Chewy really knocked it out of the park with this disco edit, but he(?) has way more up his sleeves than this jam, so check out his Soundcloud for the DL for this and many others.

/// Brian Blackout

Elton John – Victim Of Love (Super Fuzz 3000 Edit)

January 2

Elton John – Victim Of Love (Super Fuzz 3000 Edit)

Been a bit busy of late, and I know I most recently resurfaced to post a Super Fuzz 3000 edit, but when this one popped onto my radar I couldn’t resist talking about it. I’m definitely a fan of Elton John, and something of a superfan of the works of Giorgio Moroder. What if I told you that Moroder’s right hand man Pete Bellotte had done an album in 1979 with Elton John? What if I mentioned that Michael McDonald had kicked in some backing vocals? Sounds great right? No.

The truth is that Elton’s Victim of Love is a mess, cheesy in a bad way, mostly sounding like Elton covering a bunch of songs Donna Summer rejected. However, its title track is definitely a highlight, a fact that did not escape Super Fuzz 3000. He(?) manages to carve most of the fat off of the original, and the result is a surprisingly lean cosmic disco journey, punctuated with the odd bit of Elton singing. It’s great for some late night excursions. You can grab it for free off of Super Fuzz 3000’s Soundcloud.

/// Brian Blackout

Escort – "Makeover" (JKriv Remix)

November 6

JKriv, the man behind nu-disco label Deep & Disco and a DJ/producer in his own right, got a chance to remix YDH2S faves Escort for their recent Remixed compilation, and he turned the Brooklyn disco orchestra’s sound into a summery, retro-vibe of a house track. JKriv casts a warm glow on what was originally a chilly piece of electro-disco, adding vintage drum machines and prime 1990s house piano plinks, upping our nostalgia for summers long gone as we hunker down here for a winter spell.

This track, along with the rest of the Escort Remixed collection, is available here on iTunes.

– Spoolwork

Escort – Camèleon Chameleon (Black Russian Remix)

October 19

I wrote this a few weeks back, but then Escort decided to hold off on promoting the remixes until the single officially dropped.  So now I’m reposting.  Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…

-Dope Werewolf

Escort’s Camèleon Chameleon had a lot of good stuff going on before The Black Russian Party got their hands on it. The track was a nice pop-disco romp with jaunty horns and catchy sprinklings of keyboards. Fun and danceable but maybe a bit on the tame side. The Black Russian Party, Rok One and Mike Dextro, held onto what worked in the original mix, and upgraded the bass to a springy electro bounce. They open with some drums from the Yazoo school and then send the percussion ricocheting off the walls with dubby delay. Cranking the tempo from 112 up to about 120 and finishing with some latin percussion gives the remix sort of a Tom Tom Club meets Jimmy Castor Bunch alt-disco feel. This is only the second remix from this crew, following an awesome reworking of Washed Up by the Glass, but something tells me they’ve just begun. Make way for the Siberian Soundsystem.

-Dope Werewolf

Gene Chandler – “When You’re No. 1 (Magnetic Soul Edit)”

October 16

Gene Chandler – “When You’re No. 1 (Magnetic Soul Edit)”

Magnetic Soul is someone I wish I’d come across sooner, given the trove of great boogie and disco he’s got going on his Soundcloud page. This edit of a disco-era tune by Gene Chandler (of “Duke of Earl” fame, no less) is just one shining example of the London-based DJ’s savvy with the digital razor and tape- splicing, looping, cutting and extending classics to elevate anticipation and maximize the danciness. Give this track a like on his Facebook page and you can grab it for free.

– Spoolwork

Downtown Party Network ft. James Yuill – “The Returning” (Time & Space Machine Remix)”

September 25

This week marks the release of “The Returning,” a new single by Lithuanian DJ/production duo Downtown Party Network. The original, a blissful piece of Balearic pop, features the breezy voice of British singer James Yuill, and in this rework by Time & Space Machine (aka Richard Norris of Beyond the Wizard’s Sleeve), the vibe gets some added heft from a discoball drumbreak underneath. Paired with the expansive layers of delay on Mr. Yuill’s recitation “I want to feel your love,” it’s a compelling track, still blissful, but with a little extra bounce.

Downtown Party Network’s “The Returning” single will be available, along with this remix, via Juno on September 28th.

– Spoolwork

John Davis and the Monster Orchestra – “Up Jumped the Devil (6th Borough Project Jumped Up Jam)”

September 11

John Davis and the Monster Orchestra – “Up Jumped the Devil (6th Borough Project Jumped Up Jam)”

Dance music is based on repetition, of course, but it takes a special talent to use that repetition in a way that builds anticipation, keeping us excited and dancing instead of getting bored and walking off the floor. Case in point is this extended edit of John Davis and the Monster Orchestra’s “Up Jumped the Devil” by UK DJ The Revenge. The original, released in ’77 on indie-disco label SAM records, brings the heat right from the get-go, but in The Revenge’s hands, the track morphs into a slow burner, adding elements one at a time- guitar, bass, guitar, a little vocal, some brass, til the kick drum drops around 2:40 and things really start to shake. Bongo breaks and looping saxophones enter later, just more fuel for the fire, til 8 plus minutes have gone by and it feels like we’re just getting started.

– Spoolwork

André VII – Discoteca Clandestina (Bufi Remix)

September 6

This nu disco jam floored me from the minute I heard it. Mexico’s Bufi has gotten some love from us here before and his Little Dragon remix is a fave too, but he has completely outdone himself with his remix of his countryman André VII. 2012 in some ways has been the year of the bleeps and the bloops, and Bufi slathers the track in fun warbly synth sounds, yelps, and sultry gasps about Discoteca.

The single comes out next week so you’ll have to wait a week to pick up a copy, and when you do make sure and grab Bottin’s similarly excellent Italo-style treatment of the same.

/// Brian Blackout