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May 15

Praise Allah and Hashem that The Clash opted out of their blues rock boogie approach to “Rock The Casbah” (as evidenced in this live recording, oy veh) when they went into the studio to record Combat Rock. Instead, they turned in a heavily disco-inflected take, awhirl in bongo trills, rolling piano flourishes, and synthetic handclaps, along with the more traditionally Clash-ist guitars and drums falling in line behind Paul Simonon’s limber bassline and marching straight down to the dance floor. This new edit by French DJ MikeandTess ups the banger-ante even more, adding healthy wallops of beefed-up drums and percussion, as well as stretching out the intro, letting the buildup simmer for just a bit before boiling into a frenzy. I dropped this in a DJ set recently and as soon as “Sharif don’t like it” kicked in, the air was awash in hands and the hardwood floor looked more like a trampoline. Rock the Casbah, indeed.

– Spoolwork

April 24

You Don’t Have To Settle’s Dope Werewolf just hurled his latest mix into the world and it took my ears on one hell of a joyride. The title, How To Wreck a Nice Beat, points to Dave Tompkin’s recent book How To Wreck a Nice Beach on the history of the vocoder, and, much like that machine, which shatters human speech into tiny electronic shards and reconstitutes it for maximum robotic effect, this mix digests dance music from the ‘60s forward- witness The Trashmen’s bird-surfing “Papa-ooh-mow-mow”s getting spun into the Human Beatbox’s punctuated dry heaves and Penguin Prison’s nu-disco stomp to dizzying effect- and spits out a swirl of far-flung reference points that always manages to somehow stay cohesive. Absorbing globe-stepping sounds from Senegal (Ndiogou Seck) and Brazil (Tom Zé), as well as rolling German electro-fathers Kraftwerk and their Bronx funk son Afrika Baambaataa into a tightly rolled ball of synthetic sheen and analog pulse right in the middle of the mix, this set showcases Dope Werewolf’s skills not just as well-honed DJ, but as a full-on dance floor ethnomusicologist. Break out your pens and notebooks, kids, class is definitely in session.

Dope Werewolf will be DJing along with the rest of the YDH2S crew at Ugly Rhino’s Cinco De Mayo blowout on Saturday May 5th at the Magic Futurebox in Brooklyn. Full details are here.

– Spoolwork

March 20

Last Song Of The Night is a special category for the working DJ. By 4 AM, everyone’s well buzzed and bleary-eyed, seeing things in a bit of a haze, ears burnt from dancing by the speakers too long, throats all frazzled from yelling at the bar. No need to wallop the masses with another banger. The vibe should be a little sweet, even familiar, so Couple Making Out By The Photo Booth don’t get their mojo wrecked and Last Stragglers From Amy’s Birthday can stumble out singing, arms a-twirl, happy and exhausted. But you also need a track with enough oomph to get Sleeping Dude On The Sofa up and out the door, wiping the drool from his cheek as he makes his way to the corner diner to soak up whiskey with some chili fries. This pick should do just fine, a rework of Echo and the Bunnymen’s “Bring on the Dancing Horses” by Aussie lad Luke Foskey, aka Young Edits. It’s a bit nostalgic (wasn’t the original on the Pretty In Pink soundtrack?), with enough thump to get us headed to our next destination- all night diner, bed (our own or someone else’s), or maybe just a walk through the empty, sleeping streets, humming a familiar tune til the sun comes up.

– Spoolwork

March 19

If our dude Spoolwork were to have his way, it’d be summer right this second. Although his latest minimix is labeled “spring”, there’s nothing spring about it – this song sounds like 17-year-olds cruising around in a teal drop-top 1986 Chrysler Le Baron. Don’t front. We’ve all been there.

By far, the highlight of his mix is his dip from “All Through The Night” (the best jam cut off the new Escort album, just as we were all getting a little bit sick of “Cocaine Blues”) into a great little remix of “Reckless With Your Love” by Aston Shuffle.

And if you twin those titles together? All through the night (I’m) reckless with your love? Well, that sounds like most Saturday nights for me.

Spoolwork will be bringing the French House down this Friday at The Bell House for Happy House.

– Mister Disco

February 28

Gospel’s been reborn on the DJ decks before (see Larry Levan’s retelling of “Stand on the Word” for the late night faithful at the Paradise Garage), but such resurrections are rare. Maybe the church and the dance floor should team up more often, though, seeing how they’re both working hard to feed our souls, or at least get them cranked and rattling and ready to meet the world again. “Take those shackles off my feet so I can dance,” Mary Mary sing in this Drop Out Orchestra mix, and even if we aren’t spinning next to them in the pew this Sunday, we’re just as ecstatic the night before, shaking off the weight of last week’s woes, feeling our flames catch hold and burn a little brighter and remembering that, at least right now, it feels pretty damn good to be alive. 

– Spoolwork