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YDH2S Newsletter June 13

June 13
You Don't Have to Settle

It’s time for another edition of the YDH2S newsletter, where we give you the scoop on a ton of dance parties that we put on ourselves or think you’ll want to hit up.

We’re going to be expanding this newsletter in the coming weeks, so expect more parties and probably more frequent newsletters too. As such there’s a ton going on in June so continue on for the parties.

(This newsletter will be published as a fancy email as well as on our Tumblr. The Tumblr will be updated as things progress, so it’s always the most current. You can subscribe to the newsletter, follow us on Twitter, and follow us on Tumblr or read this newsletter on Tumblr, eschewing the mere idea of subscriptions. Faugh!).


Fri 6/13 – The Rebirth of Happy House @ Tandem
Sat 6/14 – Crazy Since da 90s 3rd Anniversary @ Union Hall
Sat 6/14 – Sharegroove 10th Anniversary @ Starvue Loft
Sat 6/21 – Feeling Gloomy gets Morrissey FOMO @ Grand Victory
Fri 6/27 – HEAD ON: Prince vs. Bowie @ Littlefield
Sun 6/29 – You Don’t Have to Settle‘s weekly daytime disco @ Quarter Bar

The Future
Fri 7/4 – Brian Blackout & pals spinning outdoors @ Diamond Bar
Sat 7/19 – The Gorgeous Ladies of Gloom @ Grand Victory

Every Thursday – Air a Danser

Feeling Gloomy

The Rebirth of HAPPY HOUSE

Four years ago, we created something pretty awesome in south Brooklyn. From The Bell House and Union Hall to Le Poisson Rouge and whatever gypsy bars would let us play music, we were fortunate enough to groove with so many of you. It’s almost been a year since we last played, but we’re anxious to dance with you again.

In short: come dressed to sweat and let your freak flag fly. We’ll make sure that no matter what you’re into, we’ll have something for that disco booty of yours. (Unless that “something” is dubstep. We digress.)

with musical ambassadors Mister Disco & Brian Blackout
Friday, June 13 @ Tandem
236 Troutman St, Bushwick, Brooklyn
L train to Jefferson
10:30pm – 4am
No cover!
Facebook event

Crazy Since da 90s

CRAZY SINCE DA 90s 3rd Anniversary

We’re gonna adjust the bass and let the alpine blast on Saturday night at UNION HALL! Cause it’s our 3 year anniversary and cause it’s finally SUMMER SUMMER SUMMERTIME! You can’t deny that the 90s was only like the raddest decade ever so we’re gonna keep it fresher than fresh for you tonight.

We’ll be throwin down all your favorite 90s joints to get you all nostalgic for those awesome times. All the good stuff and maybe some bad stuff. It’s gonna be da bomb and all that. No diggity. No doubt.




FREE before 11pm for the first 100 RSVPs
$5 w/o RSVP or after 11pm

**$7 Gin & Juice drink special all night**

Crazy Since da 90s 3rd Anniversary
w/DJs Stefonix, Brendan, Bianca & Raichous
Saturday, June 14 @ Union Hall
702 Union St, Park Slope, Brooklyn
R to Union / Everything to Atlantic Terminal

Feeling Gloomy

SHAREGROOVE 10th Anniversary

Celebrate 10yrs of Sharegroove with DJ’s Duckcomb & ShakeWell bringing it on the Klipsh sound system !

Special opening/warm up set from:
BiLla (A/V Club, Dulcet Collective/ Philly)

Only $5 b4 midnight // $10 after

BYO – cups & ice available

for the address, email:

Space is somewhat limited, we encourage arriving earlier than later.
No reentry after 4am.

The space is located in Bushwick – steps to L-Jefferson stop

Saturday June 14th
@Starvue Loft
L to Jefferson
Only $5 b4 midnight // $10 after
Facebook Event

Feeling Gloomy


We all heard the news, Morrissey cancelled his whole dang tour. Of course he did. We had been planning on spending the evening reveling in the misery of missing the show, but now we can ALL do that, even those of us who had the cheddar to afford those ticket prices.

As such, if you can show the door person your Morrissey ticket, we’ll let you in for half off! Fate giveth, and fate taketh away…


Well, we’re doing a Feeling Gloomy the exact same night that Morrissey plays the Barclays Center. Some of us have seen him live, some haven’t, but none of us wanted to pay the mega-high cover charge to see him in the equivalent of a giant arena, so… we didn’t get tickets. And now we have FOMO.

WTF is FOMO you ask? For those not into internet abbreviating lingo it means Fear Of Missing Out. Like, we didn’t get tickets, but we’re also very concerned we’ve missed a life-changingly gloomy experience. So we have one course of action:


  •    + a Morrissey Soul(less) Train (exactly what it sounds like)
  •    + a bad poetry contest & recital
  •    + Morrissey-themed baked goods
  •    + Morrissey/Smiths concert footage projected onto your writhing, dancing, oscillating wildly bodies
  •    + Your favorite depressed DJs Gordon and Nathaniel Gloom playing a lorry full of Morrissey & Smiths songs, plus all your favorite anglophilic, gloomy faves

Feeling Gloomy Gets Morrissey FOMO
w/DJs Gordon & Nathaniel Gloom
Saturday, June 21 @ the Grand Victory
245 Grand St, Williamsburg
L/G to Metropolitan
$4 advance / $6 at the door
Facebook event
Feeling Gloomy NYC FB Group
The Brothers Gloom on Twitter

Air a Danser


Air a Danser –
Every Thursday

Laid back music selections by :
Matt Brownell & Steve ShakeWell

Air a Danser is:
An “All Filler, No Killer” get together, featuring the sounds of :
– relieving the turnstile stress, smooth operating, hot sax, tranquillo, and other urban beach bar vibes
Battery Harris

Happy Hr Specials til 7pm
– $ 3 select drafts
– $ 4 well
– $ 10 burger & beer
**Frozen Balearic Breezes
…our own signature rum drink, a take on Steve’s bay breeze
a tasty Caribbean themed menu

Little Scotty – Shout at the Disco (Chewy Rub)

January 10

Little Scotty – Shout at the Disco (Chewy Rub)

This tune has been burning up my car stereo, head phones, computer speakers and you name it the last couple months. I’m not sure exactly what it is. It could be the raw, rubbery swamp groove this song brings. It could be Little Scotty’s constantly insisting that we need to put on our prettiest dresses and clothes and shout and party at the disco. It could be the inordinate amount of time I spent South of the Mason-Dixon line over the last 2 months. Either way, Chewy really knocked it out of the park with this disco edit, but he(?) has way more up his sleeves than this jam, so check out his Soundcloud for the DL for this and many others.

/// Brian Blackout