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SAD Edits 001

Topless Vinyl Pick: Florian Kupfer SAD Edits 001

June 23

Yes, pop edits can be a bit hit or miss, but with this black label not-so-secretly produced by Berlin based Florian Kupfer, we have found our closing track of the summer.

The A side is a deep house mix of Sade’s “I Couldn’t Love You More” from Love Deluxe. The contrast of the super slinky vocals over a rough edged house track creates a very sexy vibe. This is a track just made to close out a deep to hard house set. It is one of the better Sade remixes that have come out.

The B side is not as impressive, but still holds up on it’s own. A stripped down re-work of “Never Thought I’d See The Day” with vocals that sound like they are imploring you from far away. It is a lovely track, but not as strong as the A side.


I Wanna Be Loved (Space Duke edit)

June 1

Beautiful edit of a song by a certain beloved English singer. You’ll know who it is as soon as the vocals kick in, or you can just look at the tags. One of the lesser known moments of his career and it would fit nicely into a balearic set, or just while enjoying spring turning into summer. Space Duke, from Madrid, specializes in nice, minimal edit work that gives you some nice mixing options, but not too much in the way of extra cruft to the edit, and this one is a textbook example. It’s a free download, and so are many of Space Duke’s other edits, which you can view on his Soundcloud page.

Gene Chandler – “When You’re No. 1 (Magnetic Soul Edit)”

October 16

Gene Chandler – “When You’re No. 1 (Magnetic Soul Edit)”

Magnetic Soul is someone I wish I’d come across sooner, given the trove of great boogie and disco he’s got going on his Soundcloud page. This edit of a disco-era tune by Gene Chandler (of “Duke of Earl” fame, no less) is just one shining example of the London-based DJ’s savvy with the digital razor and tape- splicing, looping, cutting and extending classics to elevate anticipation and maximize the danciness. Give this track a like on his Facebook page and you can grab it for free.

– Spoolwork

“Heaven of My Life” (Tony Johns & Dynamicron edit) – Change

October 11

“Heaven of My Life” (Tony Johns & Dynamicron edit) – Change

It’s my almost my anniversary with my boo so I’m a little more predisposed to songs about apples of one’s eye, angels of one’s heart, loves that one needs and, most importantly, heavens of one’s life. I’ve previously espoused of my love of Tony Johns‘ disco edits, a couple months ago I posted an edit he did of Cybotron’s Clear that was particularly awesome. Recently he teamed up with Spain’s purveyor of killer rock edits, Dynamicron, for this tasty tasty edit of Change’s italo boogie joyride “Heaven of My Life.” I’ve heard quite a few Change edits in my day but never this particular selection. In its original form the track is a great late night driving music that you can kinda boogie to, but the duo has added a goldilocks amount of oomph, bringing it up to the caliber of a lovely floor filler. Go find many more goodies on Tony Johns‘ and Dynamicron‘s respective pages on Soundcloud, they believe in free love or at least plenty of free downloads, so god bless ’em.

/// Brian Blackout

Bobby Caldwell – You Belong To Me (Jolly Mare Twisted Edit)

August 31

I haven’t posted a good edit in a hot minute, and this one is fantastic. I’m not that familiar with the editor in question, Jolly Mare, but whoever it is, they call Italy home. This mix is a hot and heavy boogie groover, full of a lot of loops, and it’s gratuitous in laying on the killer vocals from Bobby Caldwell’s original thick. Spectacular results. Grab a free download too.

/// Brian Blackout

May 29

I never met a dance floor that didn’t love Prince, and London-based producer Mighty Mouse has bestowed a gift to DJs and party-goers worldwide by adding another track to the growing list of A-list edits of His Purple Royalty’s cache of tunes. Granted, “Controversy” was pretty great already, but Mighty Mouse, living up to the legacy of his namesake, takes the small-yet-powerful approach- little tweaks here and there (starting the song off with the original vocal outro, for instance), flexing just enough muscle in the beefed-up backbeat- and takes this gem to the next level, polishing it to a heavenly, glittering fine-cut diamond of a jam.

Grab this track while it’s hot and free on Mighty Mouse’s Soundcloud page.

– Spoolwork

May 24


Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes (Todd Terje edit) – Paul Simon

Over this past week I’ve been in South Carolina enjoying the beach, and last night my girlfriend and I were discussing Paul Simon’s Graceland, which led me to bring up this stunner of a Todd Terje edit. Todd Terje (aka the Terjelator) has recently become more known for his own excellent nu disco productions like Inspector Norse, which is shaping up to be the big Summer jam of 2012. But, he came onto a lot of radars as a master of balearic edits like this one. Songs that feel just right being played on a beach in the light of day. Songs that make you smile and want to hug everyone, or maybe watch Captain Ron or the Lion King

Originally released in ‘06, this edit, which Terje entitled “Diamonds Dub,” is among his best. Rather than trying to fill a dancefloor or improve the original, Terje has a fun, dubby take on this tune. The unassuming African polyrhythms of the original are brightened up a bit and brought to the fore. The slippery fretless bass takes a few moments to wiggle in the spotlight as well. Simon’s voice, liked the rest of the edit, is wrapped in a cocoon of a reverb. It’s as if during a performance, he’s running around the audience dancing with them as his band plays, before running back on stage to sing a couple lines. Find your local or not so local beach and some headphones and see if you don’t agree that this is sublime.

I’m sure the original Tangoterje vinyl is out of print. You can (and should) easily buy a copy of Graceland. Additionally you can try looking here for the edit.

/// Brian Blackout

April 12

Orlando’s Sleazy McQueen is one of my favorite edit heads operating on Soundcloud. This week he took on a classic, Idris Muhammad’s sublime “Could Heaven Ever Be Like This,” and the results are quite lovely.

The original is one of those songs that’s perfect for the world of disco edits and re-imagining, clocking in at nearly 9 minutes with heaps of beautiful but un-danceable portions framed by moments of pure bliss. Sleazy isn’t the first to tackle the song, Leftside Wobble produced a meatier edit recently and Stars on 33 re-envisioned the song as a French house anthem a few years back.

Sleazy McQueen succeeds to me because he lets the original work its own magic without artificially peaking or pinching the track too much. His main contribution is a little extra disco stomp, with a few subtle effects thrown in for good measure. This one isn’t a free download, but he’s got more disco edits than you can shake a stick at on his Soundcloud and almost all have a DL.

// Brian Blackout

April 10

By all accounts, the birth of 1980’s diana, a collab between Diana Ross and Nile Rodgers and Bernie Edwards of Chic, was an excruciating one. Diana tore off her headphones and stormed out of the vocal booth when the producers told her she was singing flat and, though the Chic guys managed to woo her back long enough to finish recording, she explained in no uncertain terms upon hearing the final mix that it was a big, steaming pile of disco shit. This was, after all, just a year after Disco Demolition Night at Comiskey, and Diana thought she still smelled the ashes of torched 12 inches lingering in the radio mist. She ended up remixing the entire thing with Motown studio whiz Russ Terrana, and the result was more Diana (vocals front and center), less Chic (extended breaks gone), and went on to spawn megahits “Upside Down” and “I’m Coming Out,” as well as being the biggest selling album of her career. Now, thanks to some digital splicework by Greek DJ Discobody, some of that original long-form Chic appeal returns with this edit of one of the album’s lesser-known tracks, “Tenderness.” He eases us in, pausing on the string stabs to extract a little tension, then lets the groove ride long and easy over 7 glorious minutes, letting us get wonderfully lost in the mix.

– Spoolwork

March 20

Last Song Of The Night is a special category for the working DJ. By 4 AM, everyone’s well buzzed and bleary-eyed, seeing things in a bit of a haze, ears burnt from dancing by the speakers too long, throats all frazzled from yelling at the bar. No need to wallop the masses with another banger. The vibe should be a little sweet, even familiar, so Couple Making Out By The Photo Booth don’t get their mojo wrecked and Last Stragglers From Amy’s Birthday can stumble out singing, arms a-twirl, happy and exhausted. But you also need a track with enough oomph to get Sleeping Dude On The Sofa up and out the door, wiping the drool from his cheek as he makes his way to the corner diner to soak up whiskey with some chili fries. This pick should do just fine, a rework of Echo and the Bunnymen’s “Bring on the Dancing Horses” by Aussie lad Luke Foskey, aka Young Edits. It’s a bit nostalgic (wasn’t the original on the Pretty In Pink soundtrack?), with enough thump to get us headed to our next destination- all night diner, bed (our own or someone else’s), or maybe just a walk through the empty, sleeping streets, humming a familiar tune til the sun comes up.

– Spoolwork