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“Mersey Mersey Me” – L’Étranger

November 27

Ben Thomas, the UK-based producer and DJ who records under the nom-de-tune L’Étranger, just posted this track from his forthcoming 1997 EP on his Soundcloud page. “Mersey Mersey Me” may have little in common with the Marvin Gaye tune it namechecks in its title, though it does possess a bit of the same mellow melancholia. Instead, it’s a small homage to the river running famously through Thomas’ hometown of Liverpool and, much like the river itself, has a calm, serene flow to it, with murky electronics adding to the vibe, along with the occasional keyboard swirl or guitar sample bubbling up before submerging again.

L’Étranger’s 1997 EP will be released on March 12 via La Bombe. Stay in the loop via his Facebook page.

– Spoolwork

March 6

Ever since some Bronx parking lot DJ plugged his decks into a lamppost and crossfaded “Trans Europe Express” into James Brown, electronic music’s been looking past its stiff, synthetic backbone to find its inner rubber-limbed soul. Add one more notch to this legacy with Shit Hot Soundsystem’s remix of Daft Punk. The Sussex-based DJ spreads his syncopated cowbell and agogo rolls all over the French droids’ beat, making it looser than ever. Layer in that monotonic babble from the lipless robot baby and you can feel the friction build- a rigid, animatronic vocal rubbing up against all that loose-jointed percussion, setting off sparks, til a blast furnace bassline lashes out just under the two minute mark and the whole damn thing catches fire.

– Spoolwork