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Fashions – I-95 (w/Sarah Rudy)

October 18

The second Fashions single dropped late last week and it’s another doozy. Shooting less for the dancefloor and more for an icy, happy-go-lucky midtempo synthpop song, I-95 is catchy as all get-out and will make you want to hop into a car and crank it on the stereo. True to their John Hughes-inflected influences, the band recruited saxophonist Glenn White for a deliciously cheesy sax solo. Head over to their Soundcloud or Bandcamp pages, the song is a free download and you’ll be humming it all day.

/// Brian Blackout

Fashions – “Slip Away”

August 27

I’m excited to be unveiling a brand new track today on the blog. Fashions are a new band based here in Brooklyn, and their debut single is catchy as hell. I got to help add to the huge chorus at the end of the song, which includes a children’s choir, so I’m very excited to get to tell folks about this tune.

“Slip Away,” is a bouncy slice of tropical electropop. We tested it out on a dancefloor a couple weeks ago and people started going nuts during the full chorus parts, I think you will too. The song is a free download on Fashions’ Bandcamp, so go grab a copy and start listening now. I warn you, it’ll be stuck in your head all day.

/// Brian Blackout