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April 12

Orlando’s Sleazy McQueen is one of my favorite edit heads operating on Soundcloud. This week he took on a classic, Idris Muhammad’s sublime “Could Heaven Ever Be Like This,” and the results are quite lovely.

The original is one of those songs that’s perfect for the world of disco edits and re-imagining, clocking in at nearly 9 minutes with heaps of beautiful but un-danceable portions framed by moments of pure bliss. Sleazy isn’t the first to tackle the song, Leftside Wobble produced a meatier edit recently and Stars on 33 re-envisioned the song as a French house anthem a few years back.

Sleazy McQueen succeeds to me because he lets the original work its own magic without artificially peaking or pinching the track too much. His main contribution is a little extra disco stomp, with a few subtle effects thrown in for good measure. This one isn’t a free download, but he’s got more disco edits than you can shake a stick at on his Soundcloud and almost all have a DL.

// Brian Blackout

March 5

When you’re playing a game of Mario (pick one, any time period, as this analogy is going to be same regardless) and you headbutt an iconic golden question mark to unearth one of the game’s fire flowers, the immediate reaction is a pretty universal one: take me to all the Goombas, because I’m going to seriously fuck them up with all the digital brimstone my upgraded plumber can muster.

That is, until a Lakitu ruins your day, shrinking your man to Danny Devito-like proportions.

The immediate power surge that takes place when you score a Mario fire flower isn’t so far away from the feeling that Italian duo Fire Flowerz captures in its tracks. They certainly aren’t ones for subtlety, electing to not use drawn-out swells to get to the point. Within a few seconds of any given Fire Flowerz track, you’re dancing at your cubicle and your co-workers are wondering what the hell’s wrong with you.

You can check out some more new cuts on the group’s “Offensive Language” EP  here.

– Mister Disco