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May 15

Praise Allah and Hashem that The Clash opted out of their blues rock boogie approach to “Rock The Casbah” (as evidenced in this live recording, oy veh) when they went into the studio to record Combat Rock. Instead, they turned in a heavily disco-inflected take, awhirl in bongo trills, rolling piano flourishes, and synthetic handclaps, along with the more traditionally Clash-ist guitars and drums falling in line behind Paul Simonon’s limber bassline and marching straight down to the dance floor. This new edit by French DJ MikeandTess ups the banger-ante even more, adding healthy wallops of beefed-up drums and percussion, as well as stretching out the intro, letting the buildup simmer for just a bit before boiling into a frenzy. I dropped this in a DJ set recently and as soon as “Sharif don’t like it” kicked in, the air was awash in hands and the hardwood floor looked more like a trampoline. Rock the Casbah, indeed.

– Spoolwork