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April 12

Orlando’s Sleazy McQueen is one of my favorite edit heads operating on Soundcloud. This week he took on a classic, Idris Muhammad’s sublime “Could Heaven Ever Be Like This,” and the results are quite lovely.

The original is one of those songs that’s perfect for the world of disco edits and re-imagining, clocking in at nearly 9 minutes with heaps of beautiful but un-danceable portions framed by moments of pure bliss. Sleazy isn’t the first to tackle the song, Leftside Wobble produced a meatier edit recently and Stars on 33 re-envisioned the song as a French house anthem a few years back.

Sleazy McQueen succeeds to me because he lets the original work its own magic without artificially peaking or pinching the track too much. His main contribution is a little extra disco stomp, with a few subtle effects thrown in for good measure. This one isn’t a free download, but he’s got more disco edits than you can shake a stick at on his Soundcloud and almost all have a DL.

// Brian Blackout

March 27

While French electro troupe The Shoes wait to see if it pays to cast Jake Gyllenhaal in your latest video as a loner exacting revenge on the world for not landing a spot on the US Olympic fencing team (featuring 80s-style-training-sequence shots of pec deck butterfly reps and treadmill sweat!), the rest of us can enjoy this remix by fellow Frenchman and Ed Banger affiliate SebastiAn. Monsieur SebastiAn drops the tempo a couple notches so you don’t need to be triple maxxxed on a treadmill to catch the groove, and amps up the arms-in-the-air factor by zoning in on the best part of the song- that spell-a-long chant explaining that it’s finally “T-I-M-E-T-O-D-A-N-C-E in the city!” Yep, there are similarities to another French electro-disco jam crammed with spelling bee aficionados and pop/slap bass, but when you’ve got an anthem on your hands, why mess with the recipe?

– Spoolwork

March 6

Ever since some Bronx parking lot DJ plugged his decks into a lamppost and crossfaded “Trans Europe Express” into James Brown, electronic music’s been looking past its stiff, synthetic backbone to find its inner rubber-limbed soul. Add one more notch to this legacy with Shit Hot Soundsystem’s remix of Daft Punk. The Sussex-based DJ spreads his syncopated cowbell and agogo rolls all over the French droids’ beat, making it looser than ever. Layer in that monotonic babble from the lipless robot baby and you can feel the friction build- a rigid, animatronic vocal rubbing up against all that loose-jointed percussion, setting off sparks, til a blast furnace bassline lashes out just under the two minute mark and the whole damn thing catches fire.

– Spoolwork