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April 2


Gigamesh was bound to end up in these pages sooner or later. He’s been making the A-grade in my digital crates pretty consistently these past few years, adding a glitter synth spit shine to the well-worn grooves the overused (à la Deee-Lite and the King of Pop) and pumping up the beats (and the kicks, for that matter) of great tunes that just needed a little extra bump in the trunk to keep a peak-hour crowd on its feet. His latest offering is a remix of James Curd’s new single, “Guide Me,” and after just a few bars Gigamesh puts us all at ease- no need to anchor himself to a classic to get our ears pricked up and the neurons humming. The man can take a track we’ve never heard before and spin it into the song we’ve been waiting to hear all night.

You can grab a free copy of this track from RCRD LBL.

– Spoolwork