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Elton John – Victim Of Love (Super Fuzz 3000 Edit)

January 2

Elton John – Victim Of Love (Super Fuzz 3000 Edit)

Been a bit busy of late, and I know I most recently resurfaced to post a Super Fuzz 3000 edit, but when this one popped onto my radar I couldn’t resist talking about it. I’m definitely a fan of Elton John, and something of a superfan of the works of Giorgio Moroder. What if I told you that Moroder’s right hand man Pete Bellotte had done an album in 1979 with Elton John? What if I mentioned that Michael McDonald had kicked in some backing vocals? Sounds great right? No.

The truth is that Elton’s Victim of Love is a mess, cheesy in a bad way, mostly sounding like Elton covering a bunch of songs Donna Summer rejected. However, its title track is definitely a highlight, a fact that did not escape Super Fuzz 3000. He(?) manages to carve most of the fat off of the original, and the result is a surprisingly lean cosmic disco journey, punctuated with the odd bit of Elton singing. It’s great for some late night excursions. You can grab it for free off of Super Fuzz 3000’s Soundcloud.

/// Brian Blackout

May 17

Our love will last forever

…pipes the voice out of your headphones. Donna Summer was one of disco’s finest, so the news today that she passed away after battling cancer is awfully sad. I take solace in the fact that her voice, like her love, will last forever. Plus we get to spend some time commiserating her loss on the dancefloor.

Within minutes of hearing about her death, I saw that Soundcloud’s most prolific re-editor, Alkalino, had already posted his tribute, a stripped down take on her tune “Our Love.” Our Love, co-written with Italy’s king of the arpeggiator, Giorgio Moroder, is already pretty bare, but it’s always been a big target for disco edit-heads. I remember Philly’s Billy W. once telling me he’d done the virtually the same edit as I was playing a similar, reverb-ed out treatment at his Robotique party. So this track has a special place for me.

Grab the WAV download from Alkalino’s soundcloud while it’s still up. You ought to follow him as well, he posts a lot of hidden edits for his followers that you can’t get otherwise.

/// Brian Blackout