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YDH2S Newsletter – Jan. 10

January 10
You Don't Have to Settle

We’re only a couple weeks in but 2014 is starting to get rumbling. YDH2S had a stellar 2013 capped off with an amazing December and we’re looking forward to an even bigger 2014. Last year we started our Head On party which is about to celebrate its 1st anniversary, and we’ve got many other good things going on besides.

We began this newsletter last month largely to let folks know what we were up to, but also to let you know what our friends were up to, and what dance parties you should check out in general. We’re going to keep expanding the list of what’s going on to include more events, but we’ll be doing it slowly and in a curated fashion, so keep an eye out.

One more thing! This newsletter will be published as a fancy email as well as on our Tumblr. The Tumblr will be updated as things progress, so it’s always the most current. You can subscribe to the newsletter, follow us on Twitter, and follow us on Tumblr (or just read about it there, eschewing the mere idea of subscriptions. Faugh!).


Fri. 1/10 – Head On Anniversary: Britpop vs Indie Rock REMATCH @ the Bell House
Sat. 1/18 – Feeling Gloomy presents Cheer Up, Bowie @ the Grand Victory
Fri. 1/24 – Release the Beast @ Grand Victory

Fri. 2/7 – Release the Beast @ Grand Victory
Fri. 2/14 – Head On: Love vs Lust @ the Bell House
Sat. 2/15 – Feeling Gloomy presents The Rebound Ball

Head On: Britpop vs Indie Rock


One year ago this January, DJs Brian Blackout, Spoolwork and Lepaux created Head On, a dance party where every month we pick two themes and pit them against one another and the dancefloor crowns the winner. In the last 12 months we’ve had some crazy packed fun parties and every minute has been a blast. We’ve done bands, countries, genres, robots, jocks, dads you name it, and we’ve had a lot of fun picking out themes. For our 1st anniversary we decided to let our fans pick one of the themes we did this year for a rematch, and you chose Britpop vs Indie Rock.

Fitting, considering that it was our first theme and still one of our favorites. Last year, Britpop reigned supreme, but will the same thing happen again? Spoolwork will take up the challenge and try to rally indie rock, while we’re bringing in two special guest DJs, Gordon & Nathaniel Gloom of the Feeling Gloomy party. We figured britpop demanded the experts. Spoolwork will take them both on. So come and see if britpop can stand the test of time or if indie rock can rally from behind. Either way, we’re gonna have a killer time figuring it out.

Head On
w/guest DJs Gordon & Nathaniel Gloom
+ residents Spoolwork & Brian Blackout
Saturday Dec. 7 @ the Bell House front room
149 Seventh Street, Gowanus, Bk
F/G/R to 4th-9th
10:00 p.m. – late
no cover
Facebook event
Head On FB page

Head On Twitter

Cheer Up Bowie!


Lately, David Bowie just hasn’t seemed like that same old Bowie. On his new record, he felt so lonely he could die, he lost love, he talks a lot about Berlin (Germany! Depressing!) and thinks a lot about doing stuff like setting the world on fire, or how he’d rather be high. Jesus, Bowie, you’re bringing us all down. We think we should celebrate his birthday and try to make him feel better.

Imagine, Bowie hurries over to Feeling Gloomy, a little later than his usual impeccable timing, cracks open the door to the Grand Victory, pays his $6 cover charge and hustles over to buy a Narragansett from Sean. He begins to suspect something when he notices everyone has had their faces painted like Ziggy Stardust at our Bowie face painting station (to station). Then he realizes that everyone over by the DJ booth is whirling around to all of their favorite songs of his. Hardly anyone ever plays “The Secret Life of Arabia” at dance parties, thinks Bowie! Imagine the look on Bowie’s face! His heart would swell three sizes, and clearly he’d run out on the dancefloor to find his mates and give them a big hug.

So that’s exactly how the night is going to play out. We’re pretty sure. In any event it’ll be a lot of good fun.

+ Bowie-themed cake!
+ Bowie face-painting
+ Bowie might shake your hand and give your bum a nice squeeze (if he shows up)
+ Labyrinth-style codpieces *highly* encouraged

All that AND DJs Gordon and Nathaniel Gloom spinning your favorite trainspottery (and not so trainspottery) David Bowie songs + all your gloomy, anglophilic faves

Feeling Gloomy presents
Cheer Up, Bowie
w/DJs Gordon & Nathaniel Gloom
Saturday, Jan. 18 @ the Grand Victory
245 Grand St, Williamsburg
L/G to Metropolitan
$4 advance / $6 at the door
Facebook event
Feeling Gloomy NYC FB Group
The Brothers Gloom on Twitter

Release the Beast


After last month’s debut of Release the Beast at a new venue, YDH2S DJs Brian Blackout and Mister Brown are excited to bring the party back to the Grand Victory, where it will be a monthly on first Fridays, starting in February. In the meantime they’re throwing one more irregular Release the Beast at the end of January. The music will range the gamut of 60’s & 70’s non-synthy genres, touching on soul, funk, disco, arena rock, psychedelia, krautrock, garage and a little of everything in between.

Release the Beast
Friday Jan. 24 @ the Grand Victory
& 1st Fridays thereafter
245 Grand St, Williamsburg
L/G to Metropolitan