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Escort – Camèleon Chameleon (Black Russian Remix)

October 19

I wrote this a few weeks back, but then Escort decided to hold off on promoting the remixes until the single officially dropped.  So now I’m reposting.  Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…

-Dope Werewolf

Escort’s Camèleon Chameleon had a lot of good stuff going on before The Black Russian Party got their hands on it. The track was a nice pop-disco romp with jaunty horns and catchy sprinklings of keyboards. Fun and danceable but maybe a bit on the tame side. The Black Russian Party, Rok One and Mike Dextro, held onto what worked in the original mix, and upgraded the bass to a springy electro bounce. They open with some drums from the Yazoo school and then send the percussion ricocheting off the walls with dubby delay. Cranking the tempo from 112 up to about 120 and finishing with some latin percussion gives the remix sort of a Tom Tom Club meets Jimmy Castor Bunch alt-disco feel. This is only the second remix from this crew, following an awesome reworking of Washed Up by the Glass, but something tells me they’ve just begun. Make way for the Siberian Soundsystem.

-Dope Werewolf