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Brian Blackout’s Best of 2014 Lists

December 30

Hello hello,

Here’s an obsessive list of my favorite music from the year, because I listened to music obsessively this year.

Best albums
1. Röyksopp – The Inevitable End
2. Erlend Øye – Legao
3. the Juan Maclean – In a Dream
4. Future Islands – Singles
5. Dum Dum Girls – Too True
6. the 2 Bears – The Night Is Young
7. Todd Terje – It’s Album Time
8. Caribou – Our Love
9. Lemonade – Minus Tide
10. Wye Oak – Shriek

Honorable Mention
Mr Twin Sister – Mr Twin Sister
Bear in Heaven – Time Is over One Day Old
Joakim – Tropics of Love

Pop song on the radio – Charli XCX “Boom Clap”
Best live performance – Future Islands
Most insane dancing in a video – Kiesza – “Hideaway
Best EP – Yumi Zouma – Yumi Zouma EP

Songs of the Year (no remixes)
(and here’s a handy Spotify playlist)

Yumi Zouma – The Brae
Cafuné – Letting Go
School ’94 – Head over here
Saint Pepsi – Fiona Coyne
Chromeo – Come Alive (feat. Toro Y Moi)
Les Sins – Why (feat. Nate Salman)
Future Islands – Seasons (Waiting On You)
Joakim – Bring Your Love feat. Luke Jenner
Wunder Wunder – Coastline
RAC – Cheap Sunglasses
James Curd – Let’s Bounce
Duke Dumont – I Got U
The 2 Bears – Not This Time
Caribou – Can’t Do Without You
Kate Boy – Self Control
Klaxons – There Is No Other Time
Zoot Woman – Don’t Tear Yourself Apart
Metronomy – Love Letters
My Favorite – Second Empire
Stars – From The Night
Yumi Zouma – Alena
Timecop1983 – Dreams (feat. Dana Jean Phoenix)
Wild Beasts – Sweet Spot
Orthy – E.M.I.L.Y.
Trans Am – I’ll Never
Loose Shus – Hang Ups
Ed Dowie – Meadow Song
Röyksopp – You Know I Have To Go

Remixes, Re-edits, Reworkings of the Year
(here’s a Soundcloud playlist of most of them, a few got taken down)

Step Out (the Chainsmokers remix) – Jose Gonzalez

Old Robot (Daniel T remix) – James Supercave

Drunk and Incapable (Fred Falke remix) – Krishane

Boom Clap (Aeroplane remix) – Charli XCX

I Might Survive (Bixel Boys remix) – Architecture in Helsinki

If You Were Mine (Baby) (Young Franco remix) – Midnight Pool Party

Holler (Fred Falke remix) – Rebecca & Fiona

Josephine (Dalminjo edit) – Chris Rea

Paradoxx Music (Mongochips remix) – Hatchets

Sundream (Classixx remix) – Rüfüs du Sol

You’re the Inspiration (Ladycréme edit) – Chicago

Running Back – the Dead Rose Music Company

Rock the Box – (Akin’s Slow Dance Version) – Sylvester

Falling in Love (KZA edit) – Miami Sound Machine

Never Thought I’d See the Day (L-Vis 1990 Sunrise edit) – Sade

If Leaving Me Is Easy (Tony Johns edit) – Phil Collins – (this one has been lost to the ether, unless you like Russian MP3 sites)

Top 5 from 2014 #1: Seasons (Waiting on You) – Future Islands

November 22

#1 – Seasons (Waiting on You) by Future Islands

So here we have it- my pick for the best song of 2014. By “best” I’m not really referring to its quality (though its quality is undeniably high), but more in the sense that’s implied with a term like “best friend.” That is, something to which we’ve grown extremely close. And of all the songs that passed through my headphones this year, “Seasons (Waiting on You)” by Future Islands managed to get the closest. It’s partly Samuel T. Herrings chameleon-like voice, shifting from a sweet tenor on the verses to an entirely different beast on the choruses (so much that it could easily be mistaken for another singer), along with the endearingly schlubby look of the band, captured so perfectly in their breakout performance on Letterman this year. But ultimately, it’s the emotional paradox of the song that leaves me so mesmerized- it feels uplifting at the same time it feels melancholic. The result is a track that fully resonates, no matter what the context is; it’s a song that’ll stick with you when things are looking up, or not.

Top 5 from 2004 #2: Banquet – Bloc Party

November 19

#2 – Banquet by Bloc party

A lot of people associate “Banquet,” Bloc Party’s definitive and catchy as hell dancepunk anthem, as coming out in 2005 on their debut Silent Alarm, but it actually appeared in March of 2004 on the band’s eponymous EP.The band had been steadily releasing amazing singles like “Always New Depths” in the UK throughout 2004 and almost everyone slept on them at first. Banquet and the EP didn’t even crack Pitchfork’s best 50 singles of 2004! Fun fact: when this song first came out it would completely kill a dancefloor, which always flabbergasted me as it’s such an amazing song. It wasn’t until the band started to get some hype and the album came out that it became the first pumping-anthem that it is now.

Best of 2004
#1 – “NY Excuse” / “Another Excuse” – Soulwax
#2 – “Banquet” – Bloc Party
#3 – “Hounds of Love” – the Futureheads
#4 – “I Predict a Riot” – the Kaiser Chiefs
#5 – “I Disappear” – the Faint

In preparing for our upcoming party Head On: 2014 vs 2004, we’re each counting down our 5 favorite songs from our respective years. I’ll be representing 2004 so my task is a pretty fun one for blogging. I thought about how to decide which 5 songs were best. I decided to pick the 5 best songs from 2004 to dance to, rather than just my 5 favorites or something, because that would get obscure and include stuff like Shocking Pinks. Some of these songs I remember dancing to in 2004, some I was playing at dance parties and loved the way people danced.

Top 5 from 2014 #3: The Party Line – Belle & Sebastian

November 18

#3 – The Party Line by Belle & Sebastian

The new Belle and Sebastian LP, Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance, is yet-to-be released, but the lead single is already out and, much to my pleasant surprise, it’s an all-out eletro-disco tune. Sure, the band has dipped its toes into this territory before (see “Electric Renaissance” from their debut Tigermilk for a less-than-subtle nod to New Order), but never before have Belle & Sebastian sounded so ready to hit the dance floor. The track opens with a filter sweep, lifting like a curtain on a track full of Stuart Murdoch’s signature melodicism, but this time with disco syncopation and synth flourishes in tow. Fingers crossed that we’ll be hearing more like this when the new album drops in January 2015.

Top 5 from 2004 #3: Hounds of Love – the Futureheads

November 17

#3 – Hounds of Love by the Futureheads

The Futureheads’ cover of Kate Bush’s “Hounds of Love” turned a leftfield 80s favorite into one of the most anthemic, propulsive songs of any year. I dare you to listen to this song and not feel like running around and hugging everyone like a madman, it’s 183 seconds of pure ecstatic joy.

Best of 2004
#1 – “NY Excuse” / “Another Excuse” – Soulwax
#2 – “Banquet” – Bloc Party
#3 – “Hounds of Love” – the Futureheads
#4 – “I Predict a Riot” – the Kaiser Chiefs
#5 – “I Disappear” – the Faint

In preparing for our upcoming party Head On: 2014 vs 2004, we’re each counting down our 5 favorite songs from our respective years. I’ll be representing 2004 so my task is a pretty fun one for blogging. I thought about how to decide which 5 songs were best. I decided to pick the 5 best songs from 2004 to dance to, rather than just my 5 favorites or something, because that would get obscure and include stuff like Shocking Pinks. Some of these songs I remember dancing to in 2004, some I was playing at dance parties and loved the way people danced.

Top 5 from 2004 #4: I Predict a Riot – the Kaiser Chiefs

November 15

#4 – I Predict a Riot by the Kaiser Chiefs

I Predict a Riot came out several years after britpop had quieted down, but it really managed to combine dancepunk and 00’s indie rock with the earlier britpop sound. Catchy vocals, ample hooks and a killer chorus made it one of the best songs of 2004.

Best of 2004
#1 – “NY Excuse” / “Another Excuse” – Soulwax
#2 – “Banquet” – Bloc Party
#3 – “Hounds of Love” – the Futureheads
#4 – “I Predict a Riot” – the Kaiser Chiefs
#5 – “I Disappear” – the Faint

In preparing for our upcoming party Head On: 2014 vs 2004, we’re each counting down our 5 favorite songs from our respective years. I’ll be representing 2004 so my task is a pretty fun one for blogging. I thought about how to decide which 5 songs were best. I decided to pick the 5 best songs from 2004 to dance to, rather than just my 5 favorites or something, because that would get obscure and include stuff like Shocking Pinks. Some of these songs I remember dancing to in 2004, some I was playing at dance parties and loved the way people danced.

YDH2S Newsletter – Jan. 10

January 10
You Don't Have to Settle

We’re only a couple weeks in but 2014 is starting to get rumbling. YDH2S had a stellar 2013 capped off with an amazing December and we’re looking forward to an even bigger 2014. Last year we started our Head On party which is about to celebrate its 1st anniversary, and we’ve got many other good things going on besides.

We began this newsletter last month largely to let folks know what we were up to, but also to let you know what our friends were up to, and what dance parties you should check out in general. We’re going to keep expanding the list of what’s going on to include more events, but we’ll be doing it slowly and in a curated fashion, so keep an eye out.

One more thing! This newsletter will be published as a fancy email as well as on our Tumblr. The Tumblr will be updated as things progress, so it’s always the most current. You can subscribe to the newsletter, follow us on Twitter, and follow us on Tumblr (or just read about it there, eschewing the mere idea of subscriptions. Faugh!).


Fri. 1/10 – Head On Anniversary: Britpop vs Indie Rock REMATCH @ the Bell House
Sat. 1/18 – Feeling Gloomy presents Cheer Up, Bowie @ the Grand Victory
Fri. 1/24 – Release the Beast @ Grand Victory

Fri. 2/7 – Release the Beast @ Grand Victory
Fri. 2/14 – Head On: Love vs Lust @ the Bell House
Sat. 2/15 – Feeling Gloomy presents The Rebound Ball

Head On: Britpop vs Indie Rock


One year ago this January, DJs Brian Blackout, Spoolwork and Lepaux created Head On, a dance party where every month we pick two themes and pit them against one another and the dancefloor crowns the winner. In the last 12 months we’ve had some crazy packed fun parties and every minute has been a blast. We’ve done bands, countries, genres, robots, jocks, dads you name it, and we’ve had a lot of fun picking out themes. For our 1st anniversary we decided to let our fans pick one of the themes we did this year for a rematch, and you chose Britpop vs Indie Rock.

Fitting, considering that it was our first theme and still one of our favorites. Last year, Britpop reigned supreme, but will the same thing happen again? Spoolwork will take up the challenge and try to rally indie rock, while we’re bringing in two special guest DJs, Gordon & Nathaniel Gloom of the Feeling Gloomy party. We figured britpop demanded the experts. Spoolwork will take them both on. So come and see if britpop can stand the test of time or if indie rock can rally from behind. Either way, we’re gonna have a killer time figuring it out.

Head On
w/guest DJs Gordon & Nathaniel Gloom
+ residents Spoolwork & Brian Blackout
Saturday Dec. 7 @ the Bell House front room
149 Seventh Street, Gowanus, Bk
F/G/R to 4th-9th
10:00 p.m. – late
no cover
Facebook event
Head On FB page

Head On Twitter

Cheer Up Bowie!


Lately, David Bowie just hasn’t seemed like that same old Bowie. On his new record, he felt so lonely he could die, he lost love, he talks a lot about Berlin (Germany! Depressing!) and thinks a lot about doing stuff like setting the world on fire, or how he’d rather be high. Jesus, Bowie, you’re bringing us all down. We think we should celebrate his birthday and try to make him feel better.

Imagine, Bowie hurries over to Feeling Gloomy, a little later than his usual impeccable timing, cracks open the door to the Grand Victory, pays his $6 cover charge and hustles over to buy a Narragansett from Sean. He begins to suspect something when he notices everyone has had their faces painted like Ziggy Stardust at our Bowie face painting station (to station). Then he realizes that everyone over by the DJ booth is whirling around to all of their favorite songs of his. Hardly anyone ever plays “The Secret Life of Arabia” at dance parties, thinks Bowie! Imagine the look on Bowie’s face! His heart would swell three sizes, and clearly he’d run out on the dancefloor to find his mates and give them a big hug.

So that’s exactly how the night is going to play out. We’re pretty sure. In any event it’ll be a lot of good fun.

+ Bowie-themed cake!
+ Bowie face-painting
+ Bowie might shake your hand and give your bum a nice squeeze (if he shows up)
+ Labyrinth-style codpieces *highly* encouraged

All that AND DJs Gordon and Nathaniel Gloom spinning your favorite trainspottery (and not so trainspottery) David Bowie songs + all your gloomy, anglophilic faves

Feeling Gloomy presents
Cheer Up, Bowie
w/DJs Gordon & Nathaniel Gloom
Saturday, Jan. 18 @ the Grand Victory
245 Grand St, Williamsburg
L/G to Metropolitan
$4 advance / $6 at the door
Facebook event
Feeling Gloomy NYC FB Group
The Brothers Gloom on Twitter

Release the Beast


After last month’s debut of Release the Beast at a new venue, YDH2S DJs Brian Blackout and Mister Brown are excited to bring the party back to the Grand Victory, where it will be a monthly on first Fridays, starting in February. In the meantime they’re throwing one more irregular Release the Beast at the end of January. The music will range the gamut of 60’s & 70’s non-synthy genres, touching on soul, funk, disco, arena rock, psychedelia, krautrock, garage and a little of everything in between.

Release the Beast
Friday Jan. 24 @ the Grand Victory
& 1st Fridays thereafter
245 Grand St, Williamsburg
L/G to Metropolitan

The Cure – “Hot Hot Hot (Leon DeeJay Electrostatic Induction Mix)”

November 13

An old Cure fave amped up for maximum bounce on the dance floor? Works for me. A charitable DJ donating this remix for free to any pair of ears that cares to listen? Even better. Greek DJ/producer Leonidas Deejay posted this track to his Soundcloud almost a year ago, but just recently decided to share it with the world via that magic download button. It’s got all the funky-pale-goth-boy charm of the original, just bigger, faster and more energized. Head over to his page and grab it while you can…offers like this don’t stick around for long.

– Spoolwork

Fashions – I-95 (w/Sarah Rudy)

October 18

The second Fashions single dropped late last week and it’s another doozy. Shooting less for the dancefloor and more for an icy, happy-go-lucky midtempo synthpop song, I-95 is catchy as all get-out and will make you want to hop into a car and crank it on the stereo. True to their John Hughes-inflected influences, the band recruited saxophonist Glenn White for a deliciously cheesy sax solo. Head over to their Soundcloud or Bandcamp pages, the song is a free download and you’ll be humming it all day.

/// Brian Blackout

Cat Power – “Manhattan (Cousin Cole’s NYC Mix)”

October 2

Cat Power just released a new collection of songs called Sun, her first in six years, and NYC-based DJ/producer Cousin Cole took a stab at remixing one of the album’s standout tracks, “Manhattan.” The result is pretty stellar, preserving the spirit of the original, with its piano plinks and digital beat backdrop, but with a little added jitteriness in those pops and clicks, along with the occasional airy synth blowing through from time to time. It’s perfect for the Saturday night nightcap or the Sunday morning lazy haze.

You can grab a free copy of this track right over here.

– Spoolwork

June 29

Young Edits / River & Phoenix – Why Can’t I Be Hughes

Young Edits aka Brisbane AU’s Luke Foskey specializes in heavily reworking classics (Arthur Russell, Kate Bush).  He calls them edits, but these are often serious departures from the originals.  Sure, some feathers will get ruffled when even a hair is touched on their sacred cow.  (How’s that for a mixed metaphor?  Cow’s have hair, right?)  …But haters gonna hate as they say, and if you can add a synth baseline and an acid lead to a Pixies song and not piss me off, you’re doing something right.

The latest Young Edits release is the River & Phoenix Project – Castle Rock EP, (get it?).  Several tracks are transformed here, but for me the standout is Brisbane’s take on the Cure’s Why Can’t I Be You, entitled Why Can’t I Be Hughes?, the title an homage to the master of 80’s cinema and the track featuring vocals sampled from a master of 80’s synth-pop.  The re-edit borrows Robert Smith’s hoots and hook and a few guitar snippets and rebuilds from there.  The bass is replayed, acid is dropped and 808 woodblocks set loose.  It manages to be totally new and familiar at the same time.

If you like that one, dig through the pile of tracks on the Young Edits Soundcloud (49 as this is being written).  There are tons of rad chunes on there, but the one I really loved was his remix of Daniel Johnston‘s Something’s Last a Long Time.  Young Edits somehow turned the epitome of underproduced, off-kilter indie outsider-ism into a slick house production without losing its heart.  Forget Kanye, this is more 808s and heartbreak then he will ever manage.  Ok, I think they might be 909s, but you get the picture.  

-Dope Werewolf

Beach House – “10 Mile Stereo” (Zopelar Remix)

June 5

Beach House – “10 Mile Stereo (Zopelar Remix)”

The heartbeat’s definitely throbbing a little harder and faster in this Zopelar remix of an otherwise laidback Beach House tune. The original, from the band’s third disc Teen Dream, is a gorgeous, midnight-ocean wash of soft synth sustain and arpeggiated glimmer, but here the Brazilian DJ adds a hefty kickdrum pulse and, most importantly, that bobbing disco bass, to push Victoria Legrand’s sweetly langorous voice out of the moonlit tide and onto solid ground. Sometimes you’re in the mood to feel something sturdy beneath your feet, and Zopelar grounds us perfectly, anchoring the expanse of Beach House to a tightly-coiled groove.

You can download this track for free from Zopelar’s Soundcloud page.

– Spoolwork

May 14

When I think of sexy sounding music, The Gossip is often the last thing that pops into my head. Usually when I think of The Gossip, the first thing that pops into my head is an image of Beth Ditto squeezing packets of condiments into her mouth while giggling on a couch somewhere with Perez Hilton, or just generally being the loudest, craziest lady within 20 square miles.

But this song, as remixed by Rory Phillips, is absolutely sexy. Beth Ditto drops the Godzilla-like musical destruction in favor of some paired down vocals that don’t sound out of place on a Coney Island boardwalk clad with disco rollerskaters in the 1970s.

Do yourself a little favor this Monday and time travel – just a little bit.

– Mister Disco

May 7

There’s something just a tiny bit dated about the way Truefaux remixed Chauteaubriand’s “The Sunset”. It’s not dated in a way where it feels archaic, but it’s a slight throw back to the remix sound that permeated the blogosphere five years ago when outfits like The Twelves and RAC were at the absolute top of their games.

Back in 2007, I was throwing parties in our nation’s capitol. Hipster kids with skinny jeans and Code Pink shirts populated my dance floors while bass boomed just blocks away from the Supreme Court. And “The Sunset” sounds like the perfect way to revisit all these memories. Because of this jam was around back then, it would’ve fit perfectly into my sets.

But for now, this song is just the disco time capsule that never was. Nostalgia isn’t something you can dance to, but True Faux really banged this one out.

– Mister Disco

May 2


Bon Iver drummer S. Carey just dropped a gorgeous little EP called Hoyas on the Jagjaguwar label, a tightly wrapped box of songs built for after-afterparties, late-night highway driving, general insomnia, or just plain headphone head-drifts. This track, “Avalanche”, gives a pretty apt synopsis- chilled synths and stark beats with plenty of space in between, it could almost be an electro-tone-poem to that vast dome of sky over Carey’s Wisconsin home, all those stars trembling blue in the frozen winter night. Cold, a little sad, and completely lovely.

– Spoolwork

April 24

Believe me, I’m as shocked as you are that I’m blogging about a Deadmau5 song.

On its own, Deadmau5 stands for everything that I hate about music that tries to make you dance. It’s bland. It’s uninteresting. I don’t get it. And quite frankly, I don’t want to get it. Deadmau5 is the McDonald’s Big Mac of dance music – some people love this shit, but I don’t want anything to do with it.

However, this is a sun-kissed Madeon remix. And it completely changes everything you may or may not know about this song.

When I was at Coachella, I saw the 18-year-old French DJ perform in the Sahara. It wasn’t even close: at a festival where I witnessed great sets from Pulp, Radiohead, Jacques Lu Cont, Florence & the Machine and Bon Iver, Madeon emerged at the top of the musical scrap heap with the biggest beaming smile I’ve ever seen in a live musical performance. Madeon completely aced his time on the stage, coming off as a little kid grooving wildly in front of a bedroom boombox. There was no ego. Only smiles – and that’s how this song feels to me.

What I learned at Coachella is that Madeon is the future. I’m fully convinced that he’s going to be the voidfiller that replaces James Murphy in my dance music universe. Nearly a year after LCD Soundsystem’s breakup, I was trying to figure out how I was going to recover.

This is how.

Raise your gun. Raise your weapon. Dance real hard.

– Mister Disco

April 17

Last week, Mister Disco pinged me from his Verizon Wireless 4GLTE smartphone, bummed that he’d just heard one of our favorite tracks from last year, the Moullinex remix of “Cairo” by Kamp!, underneath a Guess jeans ad. Sure, it fit the vibe of lithe bodies posturing in streamlined denim, but we both felt we’d lost a little something. Maybe it was our inner-teenagers still clinging to the ragged notion that we’re defined more by the music we like than the products we own, or maybe we just knew if we ever dropped the tune in a DJ set again, someone would inevitably come up and ask if it was that song from the Guess commercial.  Of course, this isn’t anything to get pouty about, it’s just how musicians pay the rent these days, and if someone offered me cash to tie my name to the Macbook Pro I flipped open to type this piece, I’d discreetly wipe the drool from my chin and immediately sign on the dotted line.

Anyway, I came across a great song by up-and-coming Brooklyn band Xylos this week. Their new single “Summerlong” is sweet slice of electropop, tinged with a bit of melancholy on top, seeming to opine for a time that’s past (“We could make it like we did all summerlong”), and probably won’t be coming back. There’s not much on their website or Facebook page in the way of background or bio info, though contact emails are provided for their legal representation at Carroll, Guido & Groffman, LLP, as well as syncing and licensing via Universal Music Publishing Group, which makes me think we’ll be hearing this song in an ad for AmEx or Vitaminwater soon enough. And that’s fine by me. The band gets paid, and I get to hit the sidewalks this summer in my Puma TT Supers, cranking the Koss KSC75s every time this jam shuffles up on my iPhone 3GS (gotta upgrade soon), waiting for that chant-a-long chorus of outstretched “Whoa-ohs” to grab me by the ears and carry me off smiling and shining, claiming the syncing rights to “Summerlong” as the soundtrack to my own blissed-out afternoon.

– Spoolwork

March 26

Back in my college heyday, Chromeo was the band that bridged the musical gap between the salty hipsters and the wayward frat dudes who would wander their way down a country road and light things on fire in my backyard. If there was a struggle over the living room iPod between whether or not to play Annie or Chingy, simply putting on “Fancy Footwork” was the easiest way to settle the score and send people into a frenzy.

“Night by Night” as remixed by Shreddie Mercury (Sidenote: What is this, your roller derby name, guy?) isn’t just a way to settle the score; it’s the hi-score. Mix a dash of chiptune with some fuzzy Ed Banger attitude and you’ll get a dance floor jam that sounds like a Mega Man boss fight when it hits its apex.

Pay attention when you hear this one on the dancefloor. You might see Dr. Wily & Dr. Light engaging in a dance off under the disco ball.

– Mister Disco

March 13

SUMMER JAM SPOILER ALERT: As I type this, the windows are open, kids are playing bike tag on their rusted Huffy 1-speeds in the street below and my speakers are cranked with Ronika. Who? Yeah, but just give her a month or two. The way I see it in my foggy disco/crystal ball, this “Automatic” single is about to take off. Infinitely hummable, breezy lyrics that don’t mean a thing, and Ronika’s voice swirling round inside a groove big enough to house an ‘82 Buick (courtesy of Odyssey and featuring the guys from Chic). This is one hi-octane sugarbomb. Like a grape Slurpee spiked with rum and hurled off some warehouse party rooftop, once it hits the ground on April 9th, anyone within striking distance with a pair of ears will be able to testify- it’s gonna be sticky.

– Spoolwork

March 12

I can remember the first time I ever heard “Dancer” by Gino Soccio. It a disco epiphany that won’t leave my mind anytime soon; my brain completely melted beneath the swelling builds that lead up to belting vocals that I feel directly led to the existence of modern-day disco bands like Escort. In a word: Gino Soccio is a master.

“Michael” by Bufi & La Royale gives me a lot of the same feelings, except the output of the build is completely different. While there aren’t any vocals really threading the track, the punchy instrumentals are there to take you on a ride, where the vehicle is a terrific four-by-four beat inspired by GS himself.

Listen, and groove.

– Mister Disco