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April 26

I’ve had a long and torrid love affair with italo disco. From trying to figure out where Felix da Housecat and Metro Area got their inspirations to trying to ask Tuscan record merchants if they had anything from the 80s in broken Italian, I’ve long sought to know its once mysterious ways. 2012 finds a great deal of italo floating around, freely grabbable on the information superhighway, and great swathes of soundcloud dedicated to italo edits.

Raf’s “Self Control” was one of the first italo songs I heard, and still one of my favorites. Famously covered by Laura Branigan and turned into a top 10 single here in the US in 1984, it’s an easy in to italo disco for most casual fans. It even had one of the kitschiest videos of the italo era. Italian whiz Bottin (of Nang and Italians Do It Better fame) has gotten his dirty paws on the track and tickled the beast into a fiercer dancefloor creature, writhing through silky waves of synthesizer, propelled by skeletal snare hits. Bottin steals the best bits of the extended cut of the song while lopping off the bizarrely cheesy rap found in that version.

Bottin popped on my radar this week already, before I stumbled upon this excellent edit. His recently produced cover of LCD Soundsystem’s You Wanted a Hit, entirely in Italian and the style of italo, is one of the best things I’ve heard in ages. Go check out his soundcloud for more goodness, grab a download of this Self Control edit, and then pick up “Volevi una Hit” when it comes out on vinyl in early May.

/// Brian Blackout