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Mo Kolours – “Keep It Up”

June 12


Mo Kolours – “Keep It Up”

London-based beatsmith Mo Kolours dropped his latest EP Banana Wine a little bit ago, and it’s a gurgling, lo-fi wash of Jamaican dub, hip hop and soul, with a hint of the traditional sega music peeking in from time to time via his family’s roots in Mauritius. “Keep It Up” is a nice example of the genre blending at work here- imagine King Tubby and D’Angelo huddled over a four-track and a sticky MPC2000, bobbing their heads in unison til a perfect beat congeals, echoing the familiar and sounding completely new.

Mo Kolours’ Banana Wine is out now via One-Handed Music and can be downloaded for free from Bandcamp.

– Spoolwork