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Running Back – the Dead Rose Music Company

February 25

Running Back – the Dead Rose Music Company

Holy shit is this new track from the Dead Rose Music Company a monster. The thing I love about this one is that is the way it builds and grows. At the outset it’s a little more on the restful side of the energy meter, but without going the route of cheesy drops it quickly starts a nice pattern of building up and releasing, until the track just explodes into taut guitars and disco strings around 2:40 in. In general DRMC threads the needle nicely between sounding new and sounding unique. There’s enough slicing and dicing to feel akin to early Chicago house or something off of Crydamoure, but despite a few tropical flourishes it deftly dodges the same-ness that a lot of recent house has been feeling, in my humble.

“Running Back” leads off the new compilation Midnight Riot 6, which is a Juno Download exclusive and hit #1 there this week on their disco charts, so go buy it and add to the momentum. I want to hear this tune on every dancefloor this Summer. If you’re not familiar with DRMC’s work, check out their fantastic reworking of Gladys Knight & the Pips’ “Taste of Bitter Love,” and go follow them on Soundcloud and Twitter.

/// Brian Blackout