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You Can’t Hide Your Love Away from Me (B.G. Baarregaard edit)

January 24

Man, two newsletters aside, we’ve been all quiet on the music front here at YDH2S. I was listening to this killer edit by Iceland’s B.G. Baarregaard (you can tell he RREAALLY loves double letters) and I decided it had been too long. David Joseph’s original was already a boogie monster, but Baarregaard gives it a stuttery new intro for mixing delights and plumps up the rattly percussion until you’ll want to start every party with this tune.

This edit is the tip of the iceberg for B.G. Baarregaard, go check out his Soundcloud for much more. The David Joseph edit is a free download, as are many others. I particularly recommend his original “Feels Like,” which has one of the funkiest basslines I’ve heard in a minute.

/// Brian Blackout

Bobby Caldwell – You Belong To Me (Jolly Mare Twisted Edit)

August 31

I haven’t posted a good edit in a hot minute, and this one is fantastic. I’m not that familiar with the editor in question, Jolly Mare, but whoever it is, they call Italy home. This mix is a hot and heavy boogie groover, full of a lot of loops, and it’s gratuitous in laying on the killer vocals from Bobby Caldwell’s original thick. Spectacular results. Grab a free download too.

/// Brian Blackout

July 5


Turas – Amnesie

We’re thick in the sounds of Summer, and here’s one of my favorite Summer gems. This track has a great little arpeggiated synth bass augmented by some slap bass guitar. It’s filled to the brim with shimmery synths and ready to be cranked on your road trip of choice. Turas appears to be some kind of musical italo disco superhero. Based on this tune, his superpower is evidently to transport everyone to the beach for a super funky dance party. They forget to mention that his sidekick is Spuds Mackenzie. Grab this track and prepare to be transported.

While we’re on the subject of italo, here’s a dubbed out song to soundtrack your beach trips, courtesy of Expatmichael, an American living in Rome. Hipnosis are better known to disco nerds for their Vangelis and Jean Michel Jarre covers. This track is an original, but is about as proggy and atmospheric as italo disco gets. Expatmichael posts loads of choice finds, I highly encourage you to follow him for more good stuff.

/// Brian Blackout