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Mo Kolours – “Keep It Up”

June 12


Mo Kolours – “Keep It Up”

London-based beatsmith Mo Kolours dropped his latest EP Banana Wine a little bit ago, and it’s a gurgling, lo-fi wash of Jamaican dub, hip hop and soul, with a hint of the traditional sega music peeking in from time to time via his family’s roots in Mauritius. “Keep It Up” is a nice example of the genre blending at work here- imagine King Tubby and D’Angelo huddled over a four-track and a sticky MPC2000, bobbing their heads in unison til a perfect beat congeals, echoing the familiar and sounding completely new.

Mo Kolours’ Banana Wine is out now via One-Handed Music and can be downloaded for free from Bandcamp.

– Spoolwork

March 26

Back in my college heyday, Chromeo was the band that bridged the musical gap between the salty hipsters and the wayward frat dudes who would wander their way down a country road and light things on fire in my backyard. If there was a struggle over the living room iPod between whether or not to play Annie or Chingy, simply putting on “Fancy Footwork” was the easiest way to settle the score and send people into a frenzy.

“Night by Night” as remixed by Shreddie Mercury (Sidenote: What is this, your roller derby name, guy?) isn’t just a way to settle the score; it’s the hi-score. Mix a dash of chiptune with some fuzzy Ed Banger attitude and you’ll get a dance floor jam that sounds like a Mega Man boss fight when it hits its apex.

Pay attention when you hear this one on the dancefloor. You might see Dr. Wily & Dr. Light engaging in a dance off under the disco ball.

– Mister Disco

March 12

I can remember the first time I ever heard “Dancer” by Gino Soccio. It a disco epiphany that won’t leave my mind anytime soon; my brain completely melted beneath the swelling builds that lead up to belting vocals that I feel directly led to the existence of modern-day disco bands like Escort. In a word: Gino Soccio is a master.

“Michael” by Bufi & La Royale gives me a lot of the same feelings, except the output of the build is completely different. While there aren’t any vocals really threading the track, the punchy instrumentals are there to take you on a ride, where the vehicle is a terrific four-by-four beat inspired by GS himself.

Listen, and groove.

– Mister Disco