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March 8


Piano house has had a huge comeback (much moreso than sax house), but even with Juan Maclean and the Rapture crafting piano house anthems, you might find difficulty breaking piano house classics with a rocker crowd.

Allow me to introduce Mr. Andrew Weatherall. In the early 90’s he was a sought after remixer and producer who worked with My Bloody Valentine, Primal Scream and the Happy Mondays. In 1990, New Order recorded a theme song for the English 1990 World Cup team, which would go on to become their only #1 hit in the UK. The band turned to Weatherall for remix work.

Weatherall’s formula was simple:

1) Give more space to Bernard Sumner’s unmistakeable, anthemic vocals, throw in a little of Hooky’s bass for good measure.
2) Add heaps of Madchester-y percussion loops and big, bouncy beautiful pianos.

You might think this would lead to some strange hybrid of New Order and Ce Ce Peniston, but it works brilliantly for anglophiles and pianophiles alike. Grab a copy, it’s not hard to find if you know where to look.

/// Brian Blackout