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March 13

SUMMER JAM SPOILER ALERT: As I type this, the windows are open, kids are playing bike tag on their rusted Huffy 1-speeds in the street below and my speakers are cranked with Ronika. Who? Yeah, but just give her a month or two. The way I see it in my foggy disco/crystal ball, this “Automatic” single is about to take off. Infinitely hummable, breezy lyrics that don’t mean a thing, and Ronika’s voice swirling round inside a groove big enough to house an ‘82 Buick (courtesy of Odyssey and featuring the guys from Chic). This is one hi-octane sugarbomb. Like a grape Slurpee spiked with rum and hurled off some warehouse party rooftop, once it hits the ground on April 9th, anyone within striking distance with a pair of ears will be able to testify- it’s gonna be sticky.

– Spoolwork