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Top 5 from 2014 #2: Do It Again – Royksopp & Robyn

November 20

#2 – Do It Again by Royksopp & Robyn

With its elastic synths, four-on-the-floor thump and anthemic chorus, this collaboration between Royksopp and Robyn could easily have drifted into the realm of over-the-top schlock pop. And yet, as with so many tracks featuring Robyn at the helm, there’s an extra layer of emotional intensity that’s absent from much of the dance music that climbs the charts. It’s partly due to the restraint she shows in front of the microphone- even at the song’s peak, when delivering the lines “Don’t care what they say / it hurts so good / I don’t wanna stop / I know I should,” Robyn doesn’t oversell the song. She sounds strong, but vulnerable- an emotional combination we’ve all experienced at some point. Maybe that’s why we can’t help but sing along.

Saint Lou Lou – “Maybe You (Le Crayon & Oxford Remix)”

August 28

Australian-by-way-of-Sweden twin sisters Saint Lou Lou released their dreamy little single “Maybe You” on Kitsuné yesterday, a track rich with cloudy synthesizers, foggy low-end pulse and ethereal harmonies, perfect for late night drives and subway rides, or anytime you feel like sinking back into your own personal headspace. But if your mood is leaning more towards the dance floor, this excellent remix by French producers Le Crayon and Oxford should do the trick. They trade in the laid-back haze for a chunky nu-disco groove, upping the energy several notches and spinning the track into a near about-face from the original. A completely different vibe, but still just as good.

Saint Lou Lou’s “Maybe You” is available for download in the Kitsuné webshop, along with this Le Crayon & Oxford remix.

– Spoolwork

May 29

I never met a dance floor that didn’t love Prince, and London-based producer Mighty Mouse has bestowed a gift to DJs and party-goers worldwide by adding another track to the growing list of A-list edits of His Purple Royalty’s cache of tunes. Granted, “Controversy” was pretty great already, but Mighty Mouse, living up to the legacy of his namesake, takes the small-yet-powerful approach- little tweaks here and there (starting the song off with the original vocal outro, for instance), flexing just enough muscle in the beefed-up backbeat- and takes this gem to the next level, polishing it to a heavenly, glittering fine-cut diamond of a jam.

Grab this track while it’s hot and free on Mighty Mouse’s Soundcloud page.

– Spoolwork

March 13

SUMMER JAM SPOILER ALERT: As I type this, the windows are open, kids are playing bike tag on their rusted Huffy 1-speeds in the street below and my speakers are cranked with Ronika. Who? Yeah, but just give her a month or two. The way I see it in my foggy disco/crystal ball, this “Automatic” single is about to take off. Infinitely hummable, breezy lyrics that don’t mean a thing, and Ronika’s voice swirling round inside a groove big enough to house an ‘82 Buick (courtesy of Odyssey and featuring the guys from Chic). This is one hi-octane sugarbomb. Like a grape Slurpee spiked with rum and hurled off some warehouse party rooftop, once it hits the ground on April 9th, anyone within striking distance with a pair of ears will be able to testify- it’s gonna be sticky.

– Spoolwork