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The Cure – “Hot Hot Hot (Leon DeeJay Electrostatic Induction Mix)”

November 13

An old Cure fave amped up for maximum bounce on the dance floor? Works for me. A charitable DJ donating this remix for free to any pair of ears that cares to listen? Even better. Greek DJ/producer Leonidas Deejay posted this track to his Soundcloud almost a year ago, but just recently decided to share it with the world via that magic download button. It’s got all the funky-pale-goth-boy charm of the original, just bigger, faster and more energized. Head over to his page and grab it while you can…offers like this don’t stick around for long.

– Spoolwork

August 10


Asphixation – “The Crush”

We’re coming to the close of the 2012 Olympics, and I’m prepping several sets of nation-themed dance music to play at tomorrow night’s party The Midas Touch here in Brooklyn. As soon as I found out I’d be getting to spin some Aussie music, this song leapt to mind. Long a favorite of mine, I don’t think I’ve ever unleashed it on an unsuspecting dancefloor.

By far the standout track on a strange post-punk record entitled What Is This Thing Called ‘Disco,’? “The Crush” is the album’s catchiest and most accessible high point. The track is a lo-fi shamble of a high energy disco romp, hiccuping synth arpeggios taking turns with free jazz saxophone blasts. What really sets this tune apart from similar stuff from the era like the Mo-Dettes is the singer’s disaffected and very Aussie sounding vocal, half-sung and half-spoken, much in the style of early 80’s post-punk.

Though this LP is long out of print, you can find this track on Chapter Music’s killer compilation Can’t Stop It II, along with many other great Australian post-punk songs.

/// Brian Blackout

February 24

The Eyes in the Heat popped up on my radar the other day with the video for their new single ‘Amateur’.  I know nothing about them apart from this song and a few teaser snippets on the Juno pre-order page for their as-yet-unreleased EP.  Amateur is a sparse and spooky track that begins with guitar string plinking followed by a simple yet insistant bassline.  Bernard Sumner once said that Joy Division was enamored with Kraftwerk, attempting to replicate their robotic, dehumanized sound without the aid of synthesizers or drum machines.  The Eyes in Heat pulls this trick off successfully with a hypnotic rhythm and haunting echo drenched vocals.  They are dark, spare and beautiful.  They are a minimal cold wave concoction of post- disco discordant guitar sprinkled with casio beat blip toms.  If I were 16-years-old I would want to be this band.  I would buy the album, the t-shirt and have the singer’s haircut.  I may do this any way.

-Dope Werewolf