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Odyssey – “Who”

June 19


Odyssey – “Who”

When I’d just landed in NYC and was trying to establish some DJ cred, I took gigs whenever I could get them, usually playing bars on a Tuesday night to a decidedly non-dancing crowd. It felt like less of a party, but also meant I could play pretty much whatever the hell I wanted, dig deep for four hours or so, burying my ears in idiosyncratic tangents and whims. By the end of the night, whoever wasn’t asleep at the bar was probably cuddled in a corner, soaking up alcohol and lust with a newfound friend, and I remember ending a lot of sets with this track, which seemed to match the exhausted-drunken-hook-up vibe that lingered in the air. Greek synth god Vangelis arranged and produced this tune, though it bears very little resemblance to the anthemic cinema-cheese for which he’d later be known. Instead, it’s a somnolent slab of pre-disco, and a beautiful tune to float around in your head on your way home from an empty bar, slipping down a staircase and onto an empty train, heading off to bed, happy and drained.

– Spoolwork