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SAD Edits 001

Topless Vinyl Pick: Florian Kupfer SAD Edits 001

June 23

Yes, pop edits can be a bit hit or miss, but with this black label not-so-secretly produced by Berlin based Florian Kupfer, we have found our closing track of the summer.

The A side is a deep house mix of Sade’s “I Couldn’t Love You More” from Love Deluxe. The contrast of the super slinky vocals over a rough edged house track creates a very sexy vibe. This is a track just made to close out a deep to hard house set. It is one of the better Sade remixes that have come out.

The B side is not as impressive, but still holds up on it’s own. A stripped down re-work of “Never Thought I’d See The Day” with vocals that sound like they are imploring you from far away. It is a lovely track, but not as strong as the A side.


July 19

Clear (Tony Johns edit) – Cybotron

Englishman Tony Johns has been putting out some killer edits lately, and this is one of my faves. He takes Cybotron’s Detroit anthem “Clear,” and throws some rumbling latin percussion under it. It might sound kind of crazy but it sounds like a perfect match for mid 80s early electronic music. Can’t wait to unleash this one on the floor.

While we’re at it, here’s another Tony Johns edit, this one of Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s “Rage Hard,” a fun little late 80s romp hovering somewhere between new wave and early house. Johns has a lot of fun looping pieces of the track in silly ways, it’s a lot of nerdy fun.

Check out Tony Johns’ Soundcloud for more tasty edits

June 28

Baby Come on (the Noodleman rework) – Sex o’Clock USA

The Noodleman has been churning out chugging, dubby takes on disco for some time now, and as a new 12” of his re-edits gets unleashed to vinyl, I thought it a good time to introduce y’all to my favorite edit of his, and one of my favorite tricks to get a dancefloor good and hot. It’s a slippery, dubby take on Mort Shuman’s “Baby Come on,” from the French “documentary” Sex o’Clock USA. Strings careen seductively, the drums pulse a slow yet pounding swagger, all while singers implore you to “…give it your lovin’ daddy.” Daddy likes.

And that’s just a taste, after you grab the download from his Soundcloud, rush to pick up Mr. Noodleman’s new 12” EP, Dub Sauce, and you’ll find the same smoking hot grooves, perfect for Summer listening. Lots of early buzz about groover “Sloppy Angel,” but I’m partial to his take on PM Dawn’s “I’d Die Without You,” straight off the Boomerang soundtrack, complete with an Enya-riffic breakdown and chock full of that early 90’s piano noodling you’ll know and love.

/// Brian Blackout

Guest Post: Eugene Tambourine

June 4

This week we’re featuring a special guest post by our friend, edit maven Eugene Tambourine.

Log onto SoundCloud and it appears that everyone’s been kung-fu fighting with pre-recorded music these days. It’s no secret that I’m part of the horde. However, my editing experience has helped me navigate that DIY paradise we all know and love. Here are some all-time favorites of mine:

I love how the UK’s Dancin’ Room Only keep the atmospheric parts peaking in the beginning of the tune before the familiar theme begins. The loops are positively housey with just the right amount of effects. This gem has been lurking behind the ‘cloud for the past 2 years.

Combolito’s take on Donald Byrd’s “Love Has Come Around” has the prolific Swede adding a host of extra synths, percussion and rhythm tracks to that plodding piano groove we all know and love. Overdubs can make or break an edit, but the result here is exhilarating. Sadly, the original’s swirling bridge is gone, but the new additions make up for it.

Eugene Tambourine

May 24


Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes (Todd Terje edit) – Paul Simon

Over this past week I’ve been in South Carolina enjoying the beach, and last night my girlfriend and I were discussing Paul Simon’s Graceland, which led me to bring up this stunner of a Todd Terje edit. Todd Terje (aka the Terjelator) has recently become more known for his own excellent nu disco productions like Inspector Norse, which is shaping up to be the big Summer jam of 2012. But, he came onto a lot of radars as a master of balearic edits like this one. Songs that feel just right being played on a beach in the light of day. Songs that make you smile and want to hug everyone, or maybe watch Captain Ron or the Lion King

Originally released in ‘06, this edit, which Terje entitled “Diamonds Dub,” is among his best. Rather than trying to fill a dancefloor or improve the original, Terje has a fun, dubby take on this tune. The unassuming African polyrhythms of the original are brightened up a bit and brought to the fore. The slippery fretless bass takes a few moments to wiggle in the spotlight as well. Simon’s voice, liked the rest of the edit, is wrapped in a cocoon of a reverb. It’s as if during a performance, he’s running around the audience dancing with them as his band plays, before running back on stage to sing a couple lines. Find your local or not so local beach and some headphones and see if you don’t agree that this is sublime.

I’m sure the original Tangoterje vinyl is out of print. You can (and should) easily buy a copy of Graceland. Additionally you can try looking here for the edit.

/// Brian Blackout

May 17

Our love will last forever

…pipes the voice out of your headphones. Donna Summer was one of disco’s finest, so the news today that she passed away after battling cancer is awfully sad. I take solace in the fact that her voice, like her love, will last forever. Plus we get to spend some time commiserating her loss on the dancefloor.

Within minutes of hearing about her death, I saw that Soundcloud’s most prolific re-editor, Alkalino, had already posted his tribute, a stripped down take on her tune “Our Love.” Our Love, co-written with Italy’s king of the arpeggiator, Giorgio Moroder, is already pretty bare, but it’s always been a big target for disco edit-heads. I remember Philly’s Billy W. once telling me he’d done the virtually the same edit as I was playing a similar, reverb-ed out treatment at his Robotique party. So this track has a special place for me.

Grab the WAV download from Alkalino’s soundcloud while it’s still up. You ought to follow him as well, he posts a lot of hidden edits for his followers that you can’t get otherwise.

/// Brian Blackout