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Fashions – “Slip Away”

August 27

I’m excited to be unveiling a brand new track today on the blog. Fashions are a new band based here in Brooklyn, and their debut single is catchy as hell. I got to help add to the huge chorus at the end of the song, which includes a children’s choir, so I’m very excited to get to tell folks about this tune.

“Slip Away,” is a bouncy slice of tropical electropop. We tested it out on a dancefloor a couple weeks ago and people started going nuts during the full chorus parts, I think you will too. The song is a free download on Fashions’ Bandcamp, so go grab a copy and start listening now. I warn you, it’ll be stuck in your head all day.

/// Brian Blackout

August 16

Love Like This – the Establishment

French Express has been releasing great Balearic-influenced house all Summer, mostly via freely downloadable singles by artists like Isaac Tichauer and Jonas Rathsman. Late last night they dropped this new tune under ace producer Chris Malinchak‘s new moniker the Establishment. Malinchak has been killing it all Summer, and this one has Ibiza 1988 written all over it. He starts with a feel good gallop, adds jaunty pianos and a beautifully chosen sample from the chorus to Exposé’s freestyle anthem Exposed to Love. Took me a little while to place it, but yet it felt so familiar, and so perfectly picked. It’s a nice change of pace from the mid-90s R&B samples that have been done to death recently. Follow the link in the song title for a free download from French Express, you can’t beat that for promotion.

While we’re at it, here’s the track the sample originated from, off of Exposé’s actual official Soundcloud, where you can stream most of their backcatalog. I hope more artists go this route. Plus you can pick up this and a bunch of their other 12” mixes on iTunes.

May 3

Another week, another italo disco jam from me. This one is off of Rayko‘s recent Rare Wiri Heroes release on his own label, and is a reworking of Mike Oldfield‘s “Foreign Affair.” You may know Mike Oldfield from his most famous work, “Tubular Bells,” (a.k.a. the theme from the Exorcist) which has been covered at least a couple times during the italo era. “Foreign Affair” has had its share of covers too (this Balearic one is ridiculous, for example) but this sounds to be a straight reworking of the original vocal track.

If you’re not familiar with Rayko, this most excellent Spaniard has one of the most active Soundcloud pages I have ever seen, covering everything from boogie to blue-eyed soul, and you can find a lot of his recent reworks on vinyl from folks like Kojak Giant Sounds.

The original “Foreign Affair” makes you feel you’re running along a moonlit beach, glancing back with every step to check for approaching zombies. For this version, Rayko swaps out the original’s sinister arpeggiated synth work with a more amiable and danceable chug. When paired with the some sing-song vocals about finding that special international tropical beach that you’re looking for, it banishes the zombies and evokes images of sun-dappled tides flowing in across your feet. If you’re anything like me, you’re counting down the days until you hit the beach, so this is probably only going to make it harder to wait. No free DL unfortunately, but you can pick the digital download up easily on Junodownload.

/// Brian Blackout