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SAD Edits 001

Topless Vinyl Pick: Florian Kupfer SAD Edits 001

June 23

Yes, pop edits can be a bit hit or miss, but with this black label not-so-secretly produced by Berlin based Florian Kupfer, we have found our closing track of the summer.

The A side is a deep house mix of Sade’s “I Couldn’t Love You More” from Love Deluxe. The contrast of the super slinky vocals over a rough edged house track creates a very sexy vibe. This is a track just made to close out a deep to hard house set. It is one of the better Sade remixes that have come out.

The B side is not as impressive, but still holds up on it’s own. A stripped down re-work of “Never Thought I’d See The Day” with vocals that sound like they are imploring you from far away. It is a lovely track, but not as strong as the A side.


Get Wet Foreplay 1

Topless Vinyl Pick of the Week – Get Wet Foreplay #1

April 30
Ah the joys of getting a vinyl in the mail! Even more when it is packed full of gems meant for club play and serious for dancing and make out moves.
Get Wet is a label formed by friends spanning the cities of Berlin and Milan. An incongruous match to be sure, but the jive of the two cities against each other makes for great and eclectic mix.
Foreplay #1 is house for sure, but classic and new at the same time. The sounds are definitively 909, 303 and all those Roland synths that built the house and garage. Because they have these classic sounds, they sound familiar but push the tracks into the new by artists using these sounds paired with newer conventions of constructing a house track.
The slow sexy boogie of Sweet Somebody is my particular favorite followed second by the 303 stomper Wet Pant. It sure does, make your pants wet that is.
Check out the previews here on Soundcloud.

Topless Vinyl Pick of the Week – We Play House Summer Special

February 17

It’s February. It’s cold even here in Barcelona the temperatures are dipping below 10C. Yeah, I know for an audience mostly in Brooklyn you are thinking, “Man, that’s like spring.” Our friends at We Play House are serving you up a summer preview of three deep, down, and groovy house tracks.

We Play House is based out of Belgium and since 2010 have been pressing interesting music that mostly falls in the house label. This release is no different. Starting with a sample heavy track from Harry Baldi that is just fun to dance to. The A2 though by Miclem kicks off with a super fun bassline and open high hats that just drive the song. The flip side has a kind of lackluster track with a synth line that is really acid house-y as the B1. I’ll admit it’s not really my cuppa. But the B2 by Maxim Lany & Audio City is so icy smooth and hot that I am sure that it would have been on the Drive soundtrack.

Disco Edits Vinyl Only DJ Steef Edits vol 6

Topless´s Vinyl Pic of the Week – DJ Steef Edits Vol.6

January 9

I promise that this column will not just be disco edits vinyl only releases of edits, but this set of balearic inspired disco edits is making my January just that much warmer in anticipation of the summer. Want a dreamy blast of warm sea air to carry you through? Then this cosmic dream machine should do the trick.

French Fred Berthet aka Copyshop based out of Marseille France has been making collections of edits since 2012 as DJ Steef. And all of them are great. In this latest volume 6, track 1 is beat thumping dance floor igniter with a totally italio influenced synth line and entrancing vocal. Track 2 is total off the Baleares with panning waves of synths rising and falling, Topping off with a sexy soulful vocal, side 1 is AMAZING.

Side 2 winds back up with some tropicalia and a baseline that is unshakeably fun with an intimate whispered vocal that would be so corny if it weren’t so perfectly nestled in the track. Leading out is more synth goodness that makes you wish you were in a hammock chilling out with an umbrella in your drink.

I highly recommend this for the summer to come or better yet now, so you pretend it’s summer in January.

I could´t find the tracks online so here is a recent DJ Steef edit that is the bomb and the Juno link to hear the previews of these tracks!

EDIT: As of 6 hours ago they are up now on Soundcloud for your listening pleasure!

Christine’s Top 5 Vinyl Disco Edits from 2014

December 29

This year was an incredible year for releases old and new, especially on vinyl. The renaissance of vinyl has been well touted and for us, we never stopped buying it. As a duo DJing in Barcelona (we are called Topless), my husband and I have access to some great record shops as online resources from the UK and Germany to keep us well supplied.

This list is just of the edits and edits that we bought this year that blew our minds! I hope that you enjoy them as well!

Secret Squirrels #4 – Side B

The mysterious Secret Squirrels kept this year rolling with an amazing edit of Diana Ross’s classic “Love Hangover”. It is great warm up the floor with something familiar but totally different. The bass starts up the track and it is sexy as hell. Then the vocals come in with the snares and just wow! Grind on your partner and an end that slinks right into the next track.

KOKO 1985 Edits – Peru

Kornél Kovács as KOKO drops this set of edits from 1985 on the label Puss he founded with DJ HNNY. These are super cute 10″ with a kiss to seal the deal on each of them. There are two on here that are amazing but I love this rework of Depeche Mode’s “Just can’t get enough” because it pulls out the dark synths at the beginning extending a deep mysterious entry. Once the familiar melody hits, you can’t help but start to bounce.

Get Down Edits – Satisfy

Get Down Edits are the Irish duo Daz and Martin who have been release collections of killer edits since 2011. This yeah they collected edits from themselves and other partners in crime for a great EP of 4 edits, more on the digital EP, but this disc is a gem. Shit Hot Soundsystem brings a hot guitar riff and infectious vocal. Try not to dance and smile.

REKchampa – Combine (from The Love Below #3)

The Love Below is an edits only imprint from somethinksounds and in 2013 they released the very well known Cyril Hahn rework of “Say my name”. With number three they bring together some other heavy hitters. The stand out track for me is a rambunctious rework of Jimmy Bo Horten’s “Spank” called “Satisfy”. The double kick and high energy do just that.

Homesick #1 – Ella (Amadei & Zimmer Edit)

This first release in the Homesick series has three great tracks, but for us, we fell in Love with the Amedei and Zimmer re-work of 80’s french pop sugar bomb “Ella”. The hazy synths build up and break into a wave of sexy vocals. It’s a great closing or opening piece and we just love the slow build.

Uncle Bob – "Uncle Bob’s Burly House"

June 7


You’re getting a secret balearic house weapon from me this week. This is a cut I can picture folks like Bicep or Chris Burns going crazy over. I bought a comp containing this track back when I was an aspiring raver of 13 or 14, and it’s stuck with me ever since. Back then I barely knew what house was, and I’d never heard the term balearic, but this tune is the JAM and it skirts both sides of the aisle so nicely.

Don’t know much about the artist, whether they had a Twin Peaks obsession, or even which of the four remixes it is. You can pick up the vinyl for a dollar bin steal over on discogs, but there’s no good place to buy a digital copy, so indulge your inner Bob over here…

Uncle Bob – Uncle Bob’s Burly House

/// Brian Blackout