Back from SxSW, I could write endlessly about how stellar Airbird‘s first show was, how Chad Valley caused a mini dance party to erupt, or how Mike Simonetti dropped that great Trentemøller bootleg of Springsteen’s State Trooper. But, though I saw many excellent shows and DJs, it’s been covered to death.

It was shorts weather in Tejas, but here in Brooklyn it’s still sunny days and crisp nights, the promise of Summer merely peeking out coyly from behind the clouds. Spring is a time for infatuation too, and Lindsey Buckingham is in Trouble. Not trouble, Trouble. As in, Lady Trouble.

The Fleetwood Mac frontdude recorded this shimmering ode to pitter pattering hearts and warm embraces in 1981. I was 3 years old when this hit the airwaves so I don’t really remember it, but Prince Language gave it a loving dust off for one of the sublime Editions Disco series. The folks at Future Classic have uploaded this out of print beauty so that you can hear it, but you can find the original easily, and it’s almost as lovely.

// Brian Blackout