Beauregard, Violletti & Ste-Claire – “Ce Soir (Je Sens Que Tout Peut M’arriver)”

At first blush (if these sorts of things make you blush), you’d be forgiven for thinking this is the artwork for another Wild Cherry LP. Lots of lipsticked young women were finishing up ice cream sundaes in the mid-70s, and French trio Beauregard, Violletti & Ste. Claire, not satisfied with less-than-subtle innuendo, went full-throttle, overstating the obvious with an album called Full Orgasm. This track from 1975, with the slightly-more-subtle title “Tonight (I Feel That Anything Can Happen To Me),” is a locked-down lusty vamp, and a perfect accompaniment for that first or second drink, just before things really start to move. A short, sweet burst of confectionary disco, not unlike that maraschino cherry that’s just about to pop.

– Spoolwork