New York is a big place, and just when you’ve got a handle on what’s happening, something creeps out of nowhere to surprise you. Such is the case with Morgan Z, aka Chrome Canyon. Chrome Canyon is merely a new guise for Z, who formerly played keyboards for glam rockers Apes and Androids. Stylistically his new work is nothing like his past, tackling disco and electro sounds more as tools to create pop music than blueprints to be followed.

On his new EP, Body Music, disco fuels his pop, and not the other way around. The results sound as scintillating during home listening as they would on a crowded dancefloor. The standout for me is the track above, Melee Beats‘ take on the a-side, “Computers of Love.” He works vocoder snippets from the original into a frothy mix of disco loops, with a light touch on the filters.

Body Music is out now on iTunes, so pick up some tracks. While you’re at it grab some of Chrome Canyon’s remixes off his soundcloud for your local listening pleasures.  A 6-pack of remixes yields mostly softer synthpop reworkings of indie standards. Standouts include Chrome Canyon’s take on Erika Spring’s recent “6 More Weeks” and a nice reimagining of Phoenix’s “Fences,” with enough oomph to get people out of their seats and onto the floor.

/// Brian Blackout