This week I was commissioned to write about Mister Disco‘s new mix Disco Baller, which could have been awkward since we know each other and all, but fortunately #youdonthavetosettle because it is indeed a jolly good time.

In Disco Baller, disco is more of an evocative umbrella term- kind of like, “I’m a little bit country, you’re a little bit rock n’ roll.” In fact, apart from the Daryl rework of The Flirts’ Helpless, the mix skates the thin ice where modern electro-house and indie dance meet.

And speaking of meetings, check out the magic that happens around 12:16, when Mister Disco lays the Geisha Twins remix of Andy Murphy’s Can’t Save Me Now over Helpless. You’ll find some more inter-generational love earlier in the mix from electroclash posterboy Fischerspooner with Supply & Demand, surely an homage to Pet Shop Boys’ Opportunities in some form.

Loving Disco Baller? Check out the stylings of Mister Disco and fellow YDH2Settler Brian Blackout this Friday at Le Bump in Brooklyn.