FPU – Endgame

I was looking for some good rainy day music, and I stumbled on a couple tracks. FPU is known for his cover of the Jan Hammer Miami Vice staple, Crockett’s Theme, which was a big electroclash-era tune that, unlike most of its contemporaries, aged really well. He put out an album’s worth of material under the FPU moniker entitled Traxxdata, and just about every song is a gem. Here’s a particularly rainy one called Endgame I like a lot.

And here’s an original tune by the Noodleman that he’s graciously given out as a free download. I love the ominous Twin Peaks-ish bed synths. Throw in Moroder-esque bassline, a few plinky plonky leads and I’m sold. Break out your umbrellas, it’s gonna be a doozy.

/// Brian Blackout