Portentous preachings aside (“Kali Yuga” being the Hindu age of vice in which we’ll all sink beneath black flames of ignorance, avarice, addiction and lust), this track from Georgia Anne Muldrow’s new disc Seeds is about as inviting as a slow burn can get. The LA based singer/musician teams up with producer Madlib, whose junk drawer approach to sampled beat construction- gluing ramshackle bits of forgotten vinyl into woozy slabs of jelly-neck funk- fits Ms. Muldrow’s voice like silky, dust-caked glove. Dangling her luscious voice over thick drops of kick and snare, she leaves enough space for Madlib to fill in the gaps with horn stabs, disembodied backup singers and a wave of human voices, either crying out in anguish or begging for more. If this is what the age of vice sounds like, I’ll opt for the latter.

Georgia Anne Muldrow’s Seeds is out now on SomeOthaShip Connect.

– Spoolwork