If our dude Spoolwork were to have his way, it’d be summer right this second. Although his latest minimix is labeled “spring”, there’s nothing spring about it – this song sounds like 17-year-olds cruising around in a teal drop-top 1986 Chrysler Le Baron. Don’t front. We’ve all been there.

By far, the highlight of his mix is his dip from “All Through The Night” (the best jam cut off the new Escort album, just as we were all getting a little bit sick of “Cocaine Blues”) into a great little remix of “Reckless With Your Love” by Aston Shuffle.

And if you twin those titles together? All through the night (I’m) reckless with your love? Well, that sounds like most Saturday nights for me.

Spoolwork will be bringing the French House down this Friday at The Bell House for Happy House.

– Mister Disco