JOAN ARMATRADING – I’m Lucky (1981).

In the 1970s, Joan Armatrading was an earthy singer/songwriter with 7 albums to her credit. She was also heralded as the first black British female performer to attain international fame. 

For many musicians of that era, it was crucial to adapt to the synthesizer-dominated sounds of the ’80s. Joan teamed up with producer Steve Lillywhite, who at the time, was responsible for honing the sounds of Peter Gabriel, U2 and the Psychedelic Furs. 1981’s “Walk Under Ladders” was the result of their work together, yielding the hit  “The Weakness In Me”, basically an updated version of the confessional ballad Armatrading had been known for.

“I’m Lucky” was another single from the album and a radical departure from Joan’s established style. For starters, there’s the unmistakable, “Autobahn”-era Kraftwerk melodies, coupled with a massive synth riff, reminiscent of Laurie Anderson (though played by Thomas Dolby). The lyrics boast invincibility to life’s misfortunes when you have a true companion. Believe it. 

-Mellowed E.