King Tim III – “Charley Says! (Roller Boogie Baby)”

Disco and roller skates, what’s not to like? The combo launched Patrick Swayze to stardom in Skatetown USA, extended Linda Blair’s career another notch with Roller Boogie, and landed King Tim III on at least one more piece of wax before the curtains closed on his discography. Best known for lending his buttery enunciations to Fatback’s 1979 single “Personality Jock” (release date: August 29, 1979- one full month before “Rapper’s Delight” and therefore considered by many to be the real first rap record), this second and final single by the New York-based radio DJ is a rarity, maybe even a novelty, but still fun as hell. Produced by Fatback members Bill Curtis & Gerry Thomas and featuring cartoonish extra-girlie backing vocals that slinkily reference a 1950’s candy commercial, the tune glides in on a groove and never lets go. Lace up, take a spin and enjoy the ride.

– Spoolwork