Dutch producers Kraak & Smaak first blipped on my DJ radar last year when they dropped a boogie-funk edit of their single “Dynamite” (intoning the synth & rubber groove of the genre’s forefathers, Zapp & Roger), which was perfect for taking parties from that early-first-or-second-drink vibe to the let’s-turn-this-place-into-a-sweatbox-frenzy peak-hour set. Now they’re back with a new track, “Built for Love,” featuring Romanthony on the mic (the voice on Daft Punk’s “One More Time”), which has a nice, nighttime, cool-breeze sound to it, but I’m putting my cash on this Psychemagik remix. The UK duo forfeits the open-air approach of the original for a production packed tight with sound, heavy with a 4/4 disco-house pulse. I bet it can take an open-air dance floor and pack it tight with bodies, too.

Psychemagik’s remix of “Built For Love,” as well as the original single and remixes by Roach Motel, are available as an EP on Beatport.

– Spoolwork