Minty Hold On

When the others told me it was time to GET STRANGE my mind quickly went to the multiple avant-garde nightlife idols that provide my personal ‘borrowed nostalgia of the unremembered‘ 70s-80s-early 90s. Not to say that I wasn’t alive, but more that I wasn’t there as David Mancuso played records all the way to the end while Basquiat threw paint on a canvas behind Malcom McLaren, a bunch of b-boys, Bianca Jagger and a white horse. I was in New York City- but more like a towny backyard in South Brooklyn than the Mudd Club.

Even further away from me was Leigh Bowery: performance artist, club icon, polysexual advocate and founder of Minty, who brought his avant garde stylings all over the London scene. Like so many of the countless groundbreaking artists to die of AIDS-related complications in the 90s, Bowery is someone I would have loved to party with. You can really hear his infectious energy in the vocal on ‘Hold On’, which captures bizarre and cerebral in a most elegant way.