Owl Eyes is Australian Brooke Addamo.  The first single off her unnamed, yet-to-be released album is Crystalized.  It’s not on soundcloud yet and Addamo’s web presence doesn’t amount to much more than a Facebook page, and a one-sentence wikipedia entry.  She had two minor hits that didn’t make it far out of the Australian singles chart.  Further digging turns up that Addamo got her start as a finalist on Australian Idol.  Some might count that as a strike against her, but hey, I’ll trade for Kelly Clarkson.  Since You Been Gone is fun and all, but Owl Eyes lays her pop hooks over a simmering dancefloor banger that will have even the most uptight hipsters spilling their gin and tonics as they move to its infectious beat.

Crystalized is polished in the way we’ve come to expect from Aussie dance pop.  It has that sheen that Kylie made great use of, but the chord changes and particularly the rhythm have a real 80’s Freestyle thing going on.  The simple stop start bass is the musical crack sauce you usually find slathered on a Tony Butler or Midnight Star single.  The high keyboard melody is a little Lisa Lisa and the hand claps seal the deal.  Clocking at just three minutes and forty seconds, Owl Eyes is unapologetically poppy.  But don’t dismiss her, when the chorus drops on this track, people are gonna lose their shit.  I can’t wait for this to get remixed.

-Dope Werewolf