Like many, I first became aware of Pink Floyd in middle school, but college is where my fondness for the band really blossomed. I was a junior, with my first serious boyfriend, and Dark Side of the Moon was the soundtrack to our endless make-out sessions. Over ten years later I still listen to that album, and it sometimes conjures up a glimpse of those old euphoric feelings; the kind of synergistic sensory experience you get from travel, or sex, or sometimes yoga.

Countless albums have paid tribute to Pink Floyd; one of the best being a record that has been on Billboard’s reggae charts since 2003; the Easy Star All-Stars Dub Side of the Moon, which I love. (Full disclosure: I haven’t heard the full 2010 re-work Dubber Side of the Moon, though considering the bass-heavy dub remix of Money from Mad Professor, I bet it’s worth a listen.)

Then there’s the tribute album from Vitamin String Quartet—a savior band for any DJ who has done a wedding; I’ve found their take on Echoes to be quite useful. And continuing on the lighter side is Wish You Were Here from Lia Ices, originally recorded for Mojo Magazine’s Pink Floyd tribute compilation.  Ices’ cover is like the rest of her catalogue; ethereal, breathy, sort of a Feist 2.0 with traces of Kate Bush. Schooled close to home at NYU’s Tisch School, Ices is my latest neo-folk crush, and you know it’s deep because I’d never utter that term lightly.