Pino D’Angio – “Una Notte Da Impazzire”

Surprisingly, given this oversaturated info-age we live in, I’ve haven’t been able to turn up much in the way of facts on Pino D’Angio. This track, which translates as “A Night To Go Crazy,” landed on my doorstep by way of a mix CD club I joined briefly with a bunch of mostly-strangers, trading discs through the mail with oblique hand-drawn covers and impressively obscure playlists. After some Google sleuthing, I’ve established this much- the man likes to casually chat his way through songs, usually while smoking, making me wonder if he’s Italy’s disco answer to Serge Gainsbourg. Pino’s biggest hit (which he also chats and smokes through) is “Ma Quale Idea” from 1980, and after that he seems to have migrated to the world of film composing. The track is fun, laid-back and full of self-conscious cool. Trying a little too hard? Maybe, but I think it only adds to his charm.

– Spoolwork