Prefab Sprout – Knock on Wood

I’m working on a beach-themed mixtape and I pulled out a few older gems to go on it, including this gorgeously produced Prefab Sprout tune, which falls nicely under the Balearic camp, although I don’t think anyone has taken much notice of it. With all the attention being given to folks like Tanlines and Poolside this song feels very contemporary. Paddy McAloon’s breathy vocals and sly songwriting are given a huge boost by the deft hand of Thomas Dolby* at production. Big luscious faux-caribbean drums, synth trumpets and flutes and lovely rolling gait make this a perfect tune for your next beach party. It’s in print off the Sprout’s From Langley Park to Memphis LP, which was a fitting followup to their more known masterpiece, Two Wheels Good.

* – Yes that same Thomas Dolby who did She Blinded Me with Science, I’m a huge fan, his work is much deeper than his two hit wonder status in the US might suggest.