Crazy P – “Stop Space Return (Hot Toddy Remix)”

With the musical floodgates open wide these days (thanks to blogs and clouds and everything else) it’s easy for some great tunes to get lost in the deluge. Case in point for me is this track by Crazy P– I’d grabbed it from some dusty corner of the internet a few years back, but it wasn’t til it popped up on my shuffle a few months ago that I realized just how fantastic it is. The original, a delicious piece of bubbling electro in its own right, is the title track from their 2008 album (and the first not issued under the band’s old moniker, Crazy Penis (good choice to drop the ‘enis, eh?)). Band member Chris Todd, aka Hot Toddy, gives the song a disco makeover, adding scratch ‘n’ vamp guitars and a laidback bass under singer Danielle Moore’s slinky vocal, upping the sex appeal even more. I’ve been dropping it in DJ sets ever since my re-discovery and it never fails to turn some heads, bobbing and bouncing along, and making me wonder- what else do I need to re-dig out of my overstuffed digital crates?

– Spoolwork