Let’s talk about “A-ha Moments”.

Like many other ubiquitous phrases, Oprah has become synonymous with this one, at least according to HARPO’s lawsuit she filed against Omaha Mutual Trust. Owners of ahamoment.com (nice job, guys), Omaha Mutual Trust actually got to keep using the term, though the matter was settled out of court.

For me, a-ha moments often come in the form of music. There are those iconic tracks that instantly whisk you to a moment in time, (even a previously un-experienced moment) like Incense & Peppermints or White Rabbit. Then there are the cerebral albums; forgive me for being obvious here, but Smile and The White Album epitomize these for me. A slew of those rad, first-time listening feelings of …I think I know this song …or wait, do I?

For me, The Rah Band was a holy grail of a-ha moments. I first heard them in 2005 when I was obsessed with all things space, disco, and German like every other DJ in Williamsburg. And although The Rah Band turned out to be English (!) songs like Messages from the Stars felt like a missing piece of my cosmic history. And though it was over 20 years old, Sam the Samba Man sounded more timeless than Copa Cabana. Then there were the visuals! Take one look at the video for Clouds Across the Moon and tell me that you don’t agree. 

And if you don’t …what songs strike that chord for you?