The year is 1979, a group of mustachioed brothers endeavor to produce a sinister beast of a disco tune, rippling with arpeggiated synthesizers, slashed with dazzling strings, entitled “I, I, I.” Who are these elusive brothers? The answer: the Osmonds.

Yep, those Osmonds. No Marie, just a lot of Donnie and his bros. Anyway, cut to 2012. In this era of horns of plenty spilling disco edits out into the digital ether, this track has been touched by a few, most notably that Norwegian lord of the edit, Todd Terje. Now, Musica Hermosa, British bloggers of repute and no strangers to the world of edits themselves, have torn this track to pieces and worked it til there’s no tomorrow.

A thick, housey rhythm foundation chugs, reverberating surfers wax poetic on getting high, and then in steps Mr. String Section. Hello, Mr. String Section! I see you’ve brought your friend Donnie and his brothers. Why don’t you play a tune for us? Download, put this one on repeat and get ready to proselytize to your friends on the good works of Donnie while your Jag purrs through the moonlit mean streets of Utah.

/// Brian Blackout