There’s something just a tiny bit dated about the way Truefaux remixed Chauteaubriand’s “The Sunset”. It’s not dated in a way where it feels archaic, but it’s a slight throw back to the remix sound that permeated the blogosphere five years ago when outfits like The Twelves and RAC were at the absolute top of their games.

Back in 2007, I was throwing parties in our nation’s capitol. Hipster kids with skinny jeans and Code Pink shirts populated my dance floors while bass boomed just blocks away from the Supreme Court. And “The Sunset” sounds like the perfect way to revisit all these memories. Because of this jam was around back then, it would’ve fit perfectly into my sets.

But for now, this song is just the disco time capsule that never was. Nostalgia isn’t something you can dance to, but True Faux really banged this one out.

– Mister Disco